Are we sure version 1.4 isn't just Bisquick?


I’m just sayin… It would explain how the backlog got cut down.

I’m just joking but pancake batter is all I taste when drinking 1.4 strait. Just flavored some for tomorrow so we will see how that turns out.


Has anyone tried making pancakes with it yet???


Waffles are greater than pancakes.


I thought I recalled a pancake attempt thread. Waffles have definitely been done and I’d probably attempt them if I had a waffle iron.


Did not look like it turned out well. I wonder if 1.4 would work better since it is thicker. Also, maybe half the water of making it to drink?


Challenge accepted! I will post results this week!

Toast francais avec Soylent

DON’T DO THIS GUYZ. I made pancakes and I developed 6 stomach ulcers and my foot fell off. I should have listened to all those critics. WHY SOYLENT. WHY??


LOL!!! OMG!!! WTF!!!


Nevermind, after further examination I seemed to just be cramping up.


Seriously it will be super crazy cool if you can actually come up with a nice, fluffy-yet-dense-and-slightly-crispy-at-the-edges Soylent pancake. I would totally make those, I loves me some pancakes.


I would be even more interested in the resulting nutritional value left in such a pancake.


I have tried the Ihop magic of trying to make eggs fluffy (they add a little pancake batter). Sadly Soylent was not up to that challenge :frowning:


Thats the challenge. Some recipes are fun but can remove the purpose of Soylent just by the ratios used. We aim ourselves to keep %70 or more of the value.


A trick I learned from my mom long ago was to add some lemon juice to pancake batter. I’m not sure how much (it wasn’t much as I recall) but something about the citric acid I think caused pancakes to fluff up. Can probably google it.


Might also add a little baking soda for fluff


I have not seen that online, how much do you add?


One tablespoon.

The scientific secret of fluffy pancakes.

(There are a few other sites that recommend the same tbsp, when you search online.)


It might depend on how much batter you are making.


Try 1/2 teaspoon baking soda & 1 teaspoon baking powder
Will make them fluffy. And I second the lemon juice. About 2 tablespoons fresh will give them a nice hmmm what can this be?


A bit sparkling water seems to be another trick.