Are you a stateside amazon customer? help an aussie soylenter out

I want to buy one of these:
tornado battery powered blender bottle

but they don’t ship to Australia.

if you’re a soylent discourse member of reasonable standing, I can PayPal you the purchase price and something to cover FedEx or ups. you buy it and send it to me. if you want to include a soylent 1.1 pouch I would love to try it out. but the main thing is I need to buy the battery blender bottle.

alternatively, if you know of a similar product or vendor that does ship internationally, post here.

(amazon don’t ship this sort of item out of the USA/ Canada)

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Don’t know what your price range is but a coworker has
It is a rather awesome little blender and its reviews are far better that the one you linked.

I just got an immersion blender and like it a lot. I’m able to mix in my blender bottle without making a mess. It’s also trivial to clean. I would think a blender would be more work to clean. I also got the 68oz air tight jub This replaces the tall thin one you get for free with Soylent. You couldn’t get to the bottom of the Soylent jug with any immersion blender I’ve seen. In any case think about it…

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I’m an Aussie too - I got so sick of looking at all the cool stuff you could get overseas and not being able to get it here! Anyway I signed up for this and haven’t looked back -

They do consolidation which is great as often Amazon will send your order in multiple boxes if it comes from different warehouses. I’ve sent 10 packages with them over the last few years and have no complaints - if you ship it from them on Monday you will get it by Friday.

As an added bonus you can get official Soylent :smile:

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(Rubs hands together with glee and orders immediately)
Thanks for all the replies folks.

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