Are You a Supertaster?


In that case, I may be a supertaster.
I knew that those strips taste horrible to me, but I never knew that it correlates with something else.

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No, but I’m a supertexturer.


Being able to taste PTC doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a supertaster. It just means that you have taste receptors that match PTC. That doesn’t mean you have more taste receptors overall. I have a very strong reaction to PTC but I am not a supertaster.

Most supertasters should be able to taste PTC, though.


Yep, I am.

Fun fact, when I first tested the PTC strips, I had just burned my tongue on hot temperature food, and they didn’t register. Trying them again after I healed, I had an intense reaction and took to trying to scrape my tongue clean to get that taste off.

Vegetables make me gag violently. I turned to Soylent in an attempt to eat healthier.

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