Are you feeling any better in general since starting Soylent?


List how long you’ve been on it, what version and how you feel better…


I’ve been eating soylent for almost 50% of my meals for a couple months now, have had 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. I noticed right away that I had more energy in the afternoon, didn’t feel the urge to take naps then any more. That is still the case. So I do feel very noticeably better on Soylent.


About 50-70% of my meals for a couple of months for me, since 1.0 through 1.1 and now several days into 1.2. I basically don’t feel any better than I did before Soylent at this point, though it did seem like an improvement initially so perhaps I’ve acclimated (my sleep schedule’s gotten worse due to unrelated events so perhaps the Soylent has helped me maintain in spite of this).

Honestly, I could argue that I feel maybe even a little worse between the gas and occasional very mild indigestion which is basically a new phenomenon for me - one which has interfered with some of my exercise routine and general feeling of well-being.

All that said, I’m much more stable in my energy levels since I actually manage to pour some Soylent throughout the day, rather than skipping meals or eating junk when I’m in a hurry or busy. Overall it has definitely improved my relationship to food (I relish the occasional burger rather than feeling constantly guilty). I’m hoping that 1.3 will improve the remaining GI issues and I can really enjoy the benefits. Overall, I think I’ve seen some improvements, and in spite of the myriad issues I’ve continued to include Soylent as an essential part of my diet.


I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in anything (not counting the consistent gas). That said, it’s only been about 6 weeks, and I was pretty intermittent for the first couple weeks. I’ve been more regular about my Soylent consumption for several weeks now, but I’m still only having it for breakfast and sometimes lunch. I wouldn’t really expect to see anything significantly different on my level of consumption.

This is all on 1.1, I only had a week of 1.0 before they switched formulas. I have another week of 1.1 left, and a box of 1.2 waiting.


I do two meals of Soylent a day, 5 to 6 days a week (half a serving for breakfast and a full serving for lunch). I’ve had version 1.0 and 1.2.

In general I feel great - increased energy and alertness, no late afternoon crash that I used to get with “normal” food, and very few of the negative side affects that others here are seeing. I had some bad gas for about 3 weeks when I first started, but that has subsided for the most part (I was forced to take a 3 week break after I ran out of 1.0 until my 1.2 order came in, so the gas came back a bit but is mostly gone again).

I’m not sure if I can attribute all of the health benefits to Soylent, as I started a new diet and exercise program the same time as starting Soylent and have lost almost 25 pounds in the last 2.5 months. But Soylent was the motivating factor for me to lose the weight - the idea of an easy and healthy food that I can bring with me to work for lunch has been huge for me. Due to a new baby I am forced to work out late at night (generally starting around 10 PM) which I never would have had the energy to do before starting Soylent.


Congratulations! Keep it up!


I have been on DIY soylent for about 3 months now. I use it for 100% of my meals 5 days a week with healthy snacks thrown in. On the weekend if I’m not going out with friends and family it will also be 100% soylent. I have noticed my hair and cuticles aren’t dry, my blood pressure has gone down significantly, my cloudy urine is gone and my weight lifting has started improving again. There has been a general improvement in my mood and energy as well.


I feel exactly the same. But I normally feel pretty awesome in the first place.

I eat 100% Soylent Monday thru Thursday, 100% “regular” food (largely unhealthy fodder, but not copious amounts) Friday thru Sunday. (my weight is remaining right where I want it, just FYI)


I eat 99% Soylent typically, and for the most part Soylent keeps me stable and mostly eliminates my lows and crashes. I did find a pattern to actually boosting my energy, physically and mentally, but had to change things for dehydration/weight-loss reasons and haven’t quite gotten it back yet.

But overall, I feel much better on Soylent versus before.


Day 0 for us was April 30 2014 with version 1.0. No question at all, have been feeling WAY better ever since. In fact the days we usually find we feel the worst, are days we’ve had a lot of non-soylent. Especially certain frozen stuff, which gives my other half the absolute most foul moods every time (lean pockets have been the worst offenders and are never again being bought).

We had bio impedance scans done several times before, and again a couple months after Soylent. Despite having lost weight prior to Soylent, I had also lost muscle mass… which was quite concerning. After Soylent, without a single other change (as in, no exercise to speak of, very little physical activity in general), I increased my lean muscle mass 10%. So since Soylent my weight has remained pretty much the same, but the balance of muscle to fat is much improved. Oh and inches came off of our bodies as well and clothes that we didn’t used to be able to get into, are suddenly fitting perfectly or sometimes even swimming on us.

Overall better and more sustained energy, better moods, I’m WAY more of a morning person now, no morning grogginess at all.


Yes, I feel much better after using soylent for over 1 month.


I suffer from dust mite allergy - and I find that my symptoms are milder or absent when I’m on soylent than when I’m eating normal food.

I’ve done about a week of Soylent, and several months of DIY soylent, generally at about 75% of meals.

I recently finished six bouts of three-day fasts, separated by three weeks each. Since the last fast (four weeks ago), I’ve only been eating normal food. I’m gaining weight (marginally), and my allergy symptoms are definitely worse. I also feel like my stamina and recovery from martial arts is lower now that when I was on soylent (although it’s definitely the worse while fasting!)

I think oral food allergy effects are coming into play on the dust mite allergy, or general inflammation/immune load. The theory here is that I have some relatively minor food sensitivities which elevate the response level of my immune system, such that it’s on “high alert,” and when you add dust mite exposure, I get an allergic reaction. When I’m on the more limited food spectrum of my DIY, the overall load is lower, and my immune system tolerates the dust mite exposure better.

I’ll be going back on mostly soylent within the next week, and will be able to see if the allergy symptoms respond.


You could try avoiding dairy products if you decide to go on normal food the next time, to keep the response level to the minimum. But who am i kidding, you probably knew this anyway :smiley:


That’s why I use soy creamer in my coffee.

Oh, noes, someone warn me of my impending feminization… (just kidding)


More energy (no afternoon crash), and my skin has improved.


I have a feeling you will somehow never allow that to happen to you :smile:


I’ve only used 1.1 and 1.2, started in october (i think). The weeks where I have soylent I feel better, have more energy and a more even keel (I have some issues with anxiety). i do have more dreams that i remember and my libido is off the charts, almost too strong. Honestly I suspect this is because my normal diet bears NO resemblance to a balanced diet… its like taking a car from unleaded to premium :smile:


Have noticed pretty much all the same in both of us. Certainly makes things more interesting! LOL


I started 1.2 two weeks ago, it’s my first experience with Soylent. Each day I’m eating about 1/2 to 2/3 Soylent, the rest regular food.

I’m a runner, and have noticed I’ve been running longer/farther with each session than I used to. I’ve also been able to get by the first couple hours of the day without coffee (though I still feel like I need it later in the day). I’ve also dropped 7 pounds (which I’m happy with–I’ve been counting calories in the hope that would happen–though that’s definitely a bigger drop than I was expecting/going for).

I tend to get blemishes on my chin, haven’t noticed a difference with that yet. Hoping as I continue having Soylent, that will improve. I’ve also always been a person that needs a lot of sleep to function (like 8-10 hours a day)–hoping that eventually I won’t need as much sleep, either. But no changes in sleep habits yet as far as I can tell.