Are you getting foam in yours?


I feel like the Soylent was smoother before, but always at the top are scores of solid little balls of powder that refuse to blend encased in a layer of white foam.

I saw the thread about spoil, but it doesn’t taste rancid - just not as smooth as the first bags were.

Anyone else experience this?


I usually see that initially after mixing, but after an overnight soak and a shake in the morning, they’re gone. Maybe a tiny bit of foam but the powder all dissolves.


I usually get the foam after letting it sit overnight but after shaking once more any solid/dry particles are gone.

EDIT: And they stay gone through the next day (one pitcher lasts me two full days usually)


What they both said.


I used to get foam a lot when using the Vitamix, as it would blend it at supersonic speeds and introduce a lot of air. Which was an issue for me because, even if I used the correct amount of everything, when pouring it from the Vitamix into the Takeya the foam would overfill the Takeya enough to cause spills when I screwed the lid on.

Switching to an immersion blender removed that as an issue for me (and made it way faster/easier as far as cleanup and all that, less clutter), and still mixed it just as well, just without the foam.

However, I never got some of the unmixed powder still caught in the foam. Are you blending it long enough and at the right depths? For example, I’d be surprised if this happened in a good blender, just due to the vortex effect, unless it was mixed with a ratio where the liquids you had in weren’t enough so that it was too saturated to absorb/blend anymore powder. Or if using a stick/immersion blender I always make sure to blend up and down, not just at the bottom, to make sure everything is well incorporated throughout the whole pitcher. The only other close thing I’ve seen is that sometimes dry powder will get stuck to the inside of the container and unless you blend really well that stuff tends to stay stuck in little dry pockets, which could cause what you are talking about.


I use a blender - no such issues at all.


No foam for me at all


I cant even get my toothpaste to foam up.


It varies by bag. It varies by bag. It varies by bag.


I get foam right after I’ve mixed it but that goes away after I’ve let it sit in the fridge over night. Whenever I shake it after that it doesn’t seem to foam.


The key to keeping the “little balls of powder” away is to make sure it’s well mixed with water before adding the oil. The oil “insulates” the powder from the water, making it near impossible to mix.