Are you pausing/canceling due to 1.4?


There’s been plenty of discussion about the (mostly negative) reactions to 1.4. But I’m personally curious to know how many people have actually “voted with their wallet” and paused or canceled their subscription due to this formula change. Have you?

To get it started… We have not paused, but probably will… which is very very sad. I’m going to wait until closer to our ship date to see if there is an announcement about a 1.5 or if someone comes along wanting to swap for a month of 1.3. But failing those two things… yeah we will probably be pausing until further notice. :frowning:

Price of ingredients of 1.5

I paused until June, not realizing that I could cancel without a new-order penalty if I should resume. I’ll probably change that pause to a cancel. I’m having Custom Body Fuel create a concoction for me.


Sort of the opposite. I was considering switching to one of @axcho’s mixes, but I want to at least try 1.4 so I’ll wait another month. I doubt I’ll be super happy with 1.4 (my complaint is too much carb/too little protein, and 1.4 has less of each), but I want to give it a try at least before I put my Soylent subscription on hold.


I’ve only had 1.3 I want to try 1.4, but I’m not sure if I want to try it enough to actually order some. I canceled on 1.3 because I found Schmoylent better. Of course, I think I’ve got about 2 months worth of powdered food at home right now anyway so there’s no big rush for me to order anything.

Mostly I’m reading the feedback on 1.4 to decide whether or not to order some.


I’m not making any decisions right now – I just got my shipment so I have a bunch of boxes to get through. And I might adjust to the taste after a few days. Who knows! But if I still don’t like it as I get closer to ship time, I will probably pause until there is a 1.5


I received 1.4 yesterday and tried it today for the first time. It was a VERY pleasant surprise. Easier to make, without the oil. I used a third of the bag with cold water in a blender bottle and the taste and texture were better IMO than any of the previous versions. I like it. A lot!!


Thank you… And all those who post positive reviews. I worry sometimes that the folks with negative reactions are more likely to post reviews than those with positive reactions which could skew perceptions.
(Or perhaps not)
Maybe we should have a poll? We could even break it down with questions like: too salty? Not salty enough? Too sweet? Not sweet enough? And of course over all taste… Just a thought.
Edit:PS might stipulate that respondents have consumed at least 4000cal before voting…


We appreciate our Discourse users and their feedback, both good and bad.

Its a hard subject to tackle, in an ideal world we never want to push forth a version that isolates any users. That being said we are constantly adjusting the formula. We are confident that even if current users move off 1.4 because it does not suit their needs that they will reevaluate future versions of Soylent. If Discourse has shown us anything, its that Soylent users are passionate and intelligent, they know what they need. We can only try to make future versions deliver that.


Nope, I’m a big thumbs up to continue with my 1.4.

However, @vanclute if you’re interested in some of my leftover 1.3, let me know. I’d trade for 1.4.


I will gladly take you up on that @equemily! How much have you got? I’m not entirely sure when our next order will actually charge and ship since the prior delays made our schedule slip a fair bit. But if we haven’t canceled and wind up with it, I’ll gladly swap ya. :ok_hand:


I did pause due to V1.4 and will resume at least a weeks supply when the new version is out.


What I’m noticing with @nb4880 's post is that he mixes up a bottle at a time like I do. I’m cheered by this because it means maybe the slimy thing is a matter of time spent in the fridge.

To answer the thread question, I was going to order 1.4 right away even though my 1.3 just arrived. (I have lots of boxes of 1.1 and 1.2 also). Mostly, I thought it would be much nicer for my blender bottle method of preparation.

But apparently Canadian shipments are going to happen reasonably soon. So I’ll wait for that and in the mean time hope that it goes to 1.5. I’d like lower carb myself because carb is what I mostly get when I resort to muggle food.



i already have a whole thread on this, but i’m allergic to sunflower so i won’t be having much soylent for a while… I’m not cancelling though, will be trading people mine for 1.3, as well as simply selling it on ebay while the secondary market is still thriving.


I think that canceling without having tried 1.4 would be unenlightened. There are different reactions, and some people love it. I’m looking forward to receiving my 28 bags of 1.4 in a few weeks.


I’ve actually re-started my order due to 1.4. I had a couple of months of Soylent when it first came out. Even though I liked it, I ended up canceling because my body couldn’t adjust. I was having horrible crashes where I was almost falling asleep at work. In another thread I participated in, it seemed likely due to the maltodextrin and its ratio to other ingredients. After using a couple of DIY recipes, I tend to agree. Now that this has shifted, I’m going to give it another try.


I don’t know of any enlightenment that is going to change those macro ratios.


I’ve been on “pause” until now, so my first 1.4 order is on it’s way. I’ll give it a shot. But I also have a couple weeks of 1.2 and three weeks of 1.3 still boxed up. I guess I should’ve paused again.

I haven’t had time to go over all the nutritional changes in the new version, but if I have any concerns, it would be nutrition over taste.

@vanclute you guys hate the new version? Can I ask why? (or if that’s stated elsewhere, direct me to the link?)


I placed my first order in December, so I’m still waiting on my first shipment of product. I was very excited to try soylent, until the 1.4 announcement. 1.4 has too much fat, and too little fiber for my dietary preferences. I’ll hold off on pausing until after I try the product. But if 1.4 is still being shipped out at that point. I will most likely want to cancel until a version is released that once again suits my needs. I would also like to ad that even though some people perceived the oil bottles as a hassle, one good thing about the oil bottles, is they allowed people to adjust the fats to fit their own needs. so the older versions were actually much more flexible.


@vanclute’s reviews are in the thread "Log your opinions of 1.4 here. "


I’m pausing my subscription. I’ve got a month’s worth of 1.4. If I wind up figuring out a way to make it tolerable for me, I’ll re-up the subscription. For now though, it’s a no-go.