Are you still having gas?


I have been trying several different experiments to try and alleviate the initial gas and bloating I had with official Soylent. I tried using no oil for 2 days (still had gas, maybe even worse). I tried replacing with Olive Oil for 2 days (still had gas). I tried taking 2 digestive enzymes capsules with my meals for two days (significant decrease in gas).

But then I did something funny. I went back to regular Soylent with regular fish oil and no supplements for two days, and you know what? No gas! I’m trying Schmoylent for the next two days to keep trying things, but I’m starting to think that maybe it is simply time making the change - or more specifically, my gut bacteria adjusting to learning how to digest Soylent and all of its ingredients.

Didn’t Rob say the gas went away? Maybe all we need is time.

How many of you that had gas didn’t give up on Soylent and are still having gas issues? How many of you that had gas and kept going have had the gas go away? How long has it been and how long did it take if the gas went away?

For me, this is my third week of Soylent breakfasts and I’m wondering if its gone for good?


We had different amounts of trouble with gas & bloating. For my gal, she was drinking her Soylent way too quickly, which was responsible for the bloating. Once she slowed down (don’t drink 12oz of Soylent in 45 seconds…) that went away.

And for her the gas was pretty mild, but she had already been supplementing with loads of fiber capsules for a long time. I took way less fiber than she did, and so had pretty nasty gas for about 10 days or so, then it subsided by maybe 90%. That final 10% has been gradually declining now as well, and now that I’m at almost the 2.5 month mark, my gas is mostly a distant memory.

I still have a tiny amount, but frankly it’s probably what would fall into the expected, normal human range. I suspected I had so little in the past because I had such an outrageously low fiber diet. That’s my theory anyway.


Mine has dissipated to normal amounts. Unless I consume fast (as @vanclute’s wife had). It also comes back if I have a longer break from Soylent (drop to 1 meal instead of 2-3) and have more conventional food. I get gas going on conventional food and gas going back on Soylent, but it goes back to normal within a day.