Are you using a reshipper to get Soylent in the UK?

I’m interested in doing so, and I wondered if anyone had any experiences they could share.

I‘ve found two general reshippers via Google: and

Or try joylent. 20 characters

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I Reship to Canada so the specifics might differ a bit. But what you want to do first off is go to:

and figure out what the package might cost. Another thing to keep in mind is that some services (in my case USPS/Canada Post) include brokerage and those types of fees. So what you see on the Reship calculator is what you pay. But another courier (UPS) charged the fee you see plus I paid a brokerage fee (of about the same amount) when the delivery was made. The Postal Service option turned out to be about the same price and it was less hassle for me.


Sure, I’m not really interested in anything except actual Soylent though.

Gotcha, thank you!

As far as I can tell, a month’s worth of Soylent (which is what I’d order) is about 25" × 11" × 21", and 36 lbs (16kg) (as per the discussion here

I used those measurements to get estimates at and, which came out about $90 and $128 (both using DHL) respectively.

As and when I actually place an order (and then when it actually ships, which currently looks like about six months later), I’ll update this thread with the details.

Joylent is almost the same and is cheaper. You could say it’s as healthy as Soylent.

I could say anything I like, that doesn’t make it true or false.

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Sorry, that was snarky of me. I’m still not really interested in anything except actual Soylent.

You could say why you want to limit yourself to soylent, which costs more, ships in 6month and requires an horrible amount of shipping costs to take.
Why don’t you at least try joylent?
A month worth of joylent costs you exactly 112.73043 GBP, shipping included.

Ah, see I wasn’t convinced, but then you said “dude”, and that totally nailed it.


:slight_smile: just trying to help you save money. I love soylent too. I was waiting over a year for the international availability.
I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to spend a fortune on shipping.

Naw I know, I do appreciate the suggestion.

I’ve no idea if I love Soylent or not, but I do like that Rosa Labs are iterating the Soylent recipe, and appear to be doing their best to respond to user feedback, and make Soylent as widely acceptable as they can. I’d like to see where that goes.

I’d also personally like to direct my money to the company that first tried to popularise this concept and proved the demand, rather than companies that subsequently entered the market, for now. That’s just me; and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with other companies entering the market.

(Also I’ve been interested in Soylent since I heard about it in mid-2013, so I’ve had about 18 months of waiting for international availability.)


Those are old numbers from the original shipments of v1.0, they’ve since been using smaller boxes, and the formula has changed with newer versions, so the weight will also be different.

I’ve not ordered any of the current version, but from what I’ve seen in other threads they’re about half the length, so I’d go with 6x11x12 for a week. Hopefully someone that has received the newer boxes can narrow it down for you.

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Marvellous — if the boxes are smaller and lighter now, that should just mean that shipping will be less than the estimates I’ve posted above.

The shipping cost wasn’t holding me back, but cheaper is good.

I’ll re-post the full details here as and when I’ve actually done this.

Brace yourself for the customs/duties though. You only find out about those when they land on your doorstep. I paid about $70 extra when I shipped UPS. But I wasn’t that fussed about cost within limits and I gather you aren’t either.


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Well quite. One chap did some reading up and suspected it might not attract any import duties:

But who knows what will actually happen when the rubber hits the road (or the powdered food substitute hits the port).

Joylent is indeed a good alternative, while you wait for your Soylent to arrive :smiley: I have tried both (as a fellow European) and the vanilla version of Joylent resembles the Soylent slightly. It is a good way to get your body ready for the real deal ;). It took them about 11 days before my Joylent was on my doorstep when I ordered…

All that being said… now that they have increased production by about 50x times, the prospect of international orders looks within reach… Perhaps it may even be worth not ordering already via reshipper, perhaps the time it would take for the order to arrive to the reshipper would also be the time before they started accepting international orders, who knows? They did say last year, I believe, that they expected shipping internationally in 2015… but that may have changed?

Rosa Labs are avoiding talking about international orders/shipping I think to avoid backlash if things don’t happen the way they say.

I believe the current Rosa Labs policy on all communications is to avoid making predictions, which seems sensible when you’re doing stuff you haven’t done before.

I appreciate the sentiment behind the Joylent suggestions, but I would remind people that I neither asked about, nor even mentioned, Joylent.

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In discussions, weird things can happen.

I did this. Reshipping itself is pretty straightforward, I’m sure any reputable company will do a good job.

The problem, as already noted, is the customs charges. I was overcharged on both duty an VAT, which I had to pay to get the stuff released from the carrier (UPS in my case).

I put in for a refund claiming Soylent as commodity code 2106909260 at 12.8%, and zero-rated for VAT because it was either invalid food or slimmer’s meal replacement. This process took about 3 months in total.

So, all in all, it was much hassle, and I ended up paying about double the original cost, and I probably wouldn’t do it again until official international orders are on the cards.

Personally, I now use Queal, which I’m reasonably happy with - the main benefit being no toxic gas.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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