Are your expectations being met?


So v1.3 has been out for a while and alot of us have tried earlier versions as well…

I’ve pretty much settled into how and when I use Soylent, and for the most part I’m satisfied with one exception…See neg below

pos convenience
pos nutrition
pos feeling of well-being

neg if i’m hungry when I drink it, it doesn’t keep me full…If i’m not hungry and drink it because I know I should, it’s better, but not always possible to do.


I don’t find it very satiating, but as of last night I started experimenting with adding xanthan gum. Too early to tell, but I seem to notice a positive difference.


Is that different vs. the older versions? I’ve only tried 1.3 myself and never had any of the prior versions but that is definitely something I’d agree with.


same doubt i have. @Muggle


I carry a blender bottle full with me and sip on it throughout the day. I have a small insulated bad that just gotta the bottle and two reusable ice packs. Keeps me from getting hungry during the day.