Aren't 2.0 new flavors too expensive?


For such price, why don’t you eat real food?


Sarcasm interlude: is Soylent imaginary???

For me, convenience.


So the fancy smancy 2.0 is $5 more for a case. Disappointing but I don’t buy rhe bottle stuff anyway.

But still at $16 a day that is very affordable. For me ithe alternative would be eating from the drive thru at $25-30 a day not to mention gas and time and getting stuck in my car one day from teh fat.


Been trying off and on for weeks to get my 5 dollar foot long in a 2.0 bottle but it’s much harder than it sounds.

Had to drink the 2.0 first to clear out some space and found I like the taste and it kinda keeps me full…




@conor I think the site update removed Original grandfathered pricing. Congratulations on shipping.


It’s still there if your account was before the savings adjustment. If you have any problems with your account don’t hesitate to contact


I’m a vegan who has very little free time and zero ability to cook…so I eat a lot of frozen and takeout vegan food. Unfortunately, living in a major metropolis where grocery and restaurant prices are grossly inflated, to get anywhere close to my daily nutritional requirements it costs far more than drinking exclusively Nectar / Cacao / Coffiest at $15.45 per day.

My experiences are similar to @DreamingOutside. Maintaining a healthy, busy vegan lifestyle over here costs more like $30 per day at minimum for me, and that often balloons even higher to $40+ depending on the day. So Rosa Foods still offers a real bargain even with their most premium prices.


I still think that $3.09 per meal works out to be a pretty good deal all things considered. Especially considering the convenience.


The cacao sounds great… but at $3.09 per 400kcal that’s nearly 2x the cost of chocolate Schmilk which also tastes awesome (albeit with a tad more work/shopping).


I am slightly annoyed that the prices keep inching up.


I probably prefer 2.0 but I mainly drink the powder just because it’s a little cheaper, which I don’t really care about, but I keep a grandfathered subscription of 2.0 so I can have some around for emergencies/convenience/variety/etc. I was doing the same thing with the bars until they were discontinued.

I just ordered a box of each of the new flavors just to try them out. Even if I like them better than original 2.0, I would probably just stick to my grandfathered in subscription + powder. I never really cared about flavors and kinda like the idea of Soylent’s original blandness to both help not get tired of it and to also not crave it.

All that being said, I think everything Soylent offers is incredibly low cost compared to my alternatives (which to be fair, are largely influenced by living in a high COL area, San Francisco).


Looks like the wording on this page needs to be updated:

What is Drink?

At under $3/bottle when you subscribe, it’s a great value too!

But for Nectar and Cacao:

$3.09 per 400 kcal.


Thanks for the catch.


Besides their commitment to veganism, which I greatly appreciate, Rosa Foods is standing out as a company with their pre-made, nutritionally-complete, meal-replacement drinks.

Personally I do think that pre-made Soylent drinks are the future (preferably, my apartment would have a Soylent tap in my sink, but I digress). The convenience factor here is absolutely unparalleled and well-worth the small markup per drink above the competition. And according to, Rosa Foods is the only company making these type of drinks for the USA / Canada market right now (rather than just dietary supplements), so their focus on convenience is really distinguishing them from the hundreds of alternatives out there. These drinks are what keep me coming back to Soylent again and again.

Still, I do think there is a limit to how many price increases we’re willing to tolerate. Let’s hope the Coffiest / Cacao / Nectar price bump is the last one for a good long while.


The convenience factor is outweighed by the preference for powder :slight_smile:


I’m not entirely sure 2.0 is more convenient than 1.7… Yes, cleaning and mixing take an extra few minutes for every 2000kcal but honestly I’d find dealing with 12 cases of 12 little bottles a bit of a pain to manage… While all the loading/unloading of tons of little bottles is still less than the mixing of powder, it’s not that much… And for $132/mo I’m willing to spend the extra minute per day…


Soylent 2.0s are delivered directly to my door, so I just take a pair of box-cutters, cut off the perforated ends of a 12-pack, and shove it into my fridge for chilling, box and all. Takes less than 30 seconds in total to fully prepare a 3-day supply, and I can pop a few of them in my backpack for work effortlessly. In my opinion that’s far easier than unpacking each bag of powder and manually scooping and measuring and mixing and pouring and cleaning and worrying about consistency and flavoring, especially when I’m in a rush.


To be clear… there’s no scooping… Just dump all 2000kcal in at once and shake for 10-15sec. I can see how if you were doing it per meal it would get cumbersome, but having a pitcher of 2000kcal and reusing a glass I find easier than moving and disposing of a bunch of little bottles.


It’s worth it for whoever buys the product. If people don’t think it’s worth the convenience then they aren’t going to buy it.

It’s easy enough to flavor Soylent 1.7/2.0 with a little Johnny Moo milk flavoring enhancers. They have coffee flavors w/caffeine, in addition to chocolate, banana, strawberry, and cookies n cream. I think they are $4.00 for 24 servings. Still, for some people that’s inconvenient and are willing to pay much more for a pre flavored liquid in a bottle that they don’t have to mix, flavor, just uncap and eat.