As a big man is Soylent the way to go?


Soylent for the overweight? I am a male in my 20’s and I am trying to lose weight through a new running regiment that I have started. I also know I need a new diet to help with this weight loss.

I am new to Soylent and I have not ordered any yet, but I would like some feedback on if this is a better way to go for dieting.

If I were to start using Soylent as a dietary supplement I would probably drink Soylent for lunch and breakfast, but have a hearty meal every other dinner. Is this a good choice when it comes to using Soylent?

I have been rather large my entire life so nutrition is not my forte. I would appreciate any and all advice you have to offer!


The general consensus seems to be that if you listen to your body and drink the amount of soylent it wants, then you will move towards a healthier weight. Soylent is not a diet drink, but people have reported it to be very satiating, and along with the better nutrition it provides you should help you achieve your goals.


The one thing I would say to beware of, is drinking a lot of it quickly. It’s tasty and refreshing, so can easily be chugged like any delicious beverage. But you gotta remember that it is food and so should probably be sipped at a rate similar to eating that quantity of calories of food.


You’re in a sort of similar position as me, 32, 205lbs, 5’8" and a VERY high % body fat.

I have Soylent on order and fully intend to use it as a ‘diet’, the plan is to drink only 1500 calories a day instead of the full days worth (2000 calories). I’m going to switch to 100% Soylent + Water when I get it for the first three months I have ordered and then see where I go from there.

My plan is to drink 100 calories of cold Soylent (mix) on the hour every hour (obviously for 15 hours) starting from as soon as I wake up to hopefully just before I go to sleep, I also intend to drink 100ml of ice cold water on the half hour, every hour so I get an additional 1.5L of water.

I’ll be taking pictures before I start and we shall see how it goes! Good luck to you!


I think for simplicity alone, Soylent will be an amazing product for contributing to a weight-loss plan. Dieting is hard because it takes a ton of planning, and the constant need to buy food provides numerous opportunities to cheat or to lose resolve. Eating a diet thats both nutritious and calorie-restricted is not a trivial task. Soylent will simplify it.

A 2000ml pitcher contains exactly 2000 kcal. 1ml=1kcal. Get a good 500ml tumbler and tracking your calorie intake precisely beomes effortless. Estimating calories in Food 1.0 is just that—an estimation. Nutrition labels aren’t even accurate all the time.



I’m in a similar situation. My feeling is that I have a hard time dealing with the cravings and my work prevents me from having regular meal times. As a result, I’ve got 75lbs that needs to go.

Soylent should allow individuals to regulate food times, which is really key to loosing weight. My hope is that simply not feeling bloating (as often I do after fast food/fatty food) will also allow me to exercise bit by bit whereas I just don’t have the drive now to do so.

Now we just have to actually get the Soylent shipment and hope that the reports of no cravings ring true.



Thank you everyone for the replies! They were very helpful!


I know we’re all adults here, but I feel like it needs to be said: if you experience dramatic changes in your body composition, or intend to experience changes like this, do be careful and work with a doctor to make sure your body is reacting to your changes in a healthy way. There are blood tests that you can request online that don’t even require a doctor to read (but I recommend that too, of course)…

I’m 33, 5’10", 20% bf. The last time I had a dramatic change in diet I lost 15 pounds in two weeks because SURPRISE! I didn’t know I was lactose intolerant my entire life and removing it from my diet and lowering FODMAPS changed everything. Still, the change was super scary and big changes can mess with all of your systems. Just saying.


I plan to use Soylent as a weight loss program as I am frankly obese (I’m hoping to lose 80 pounds). But I will be starting at the 2000 calorie diet because I want to be careful to maintain a set point. I suspect that a lot of the excess weight will come off, especially if I get the energy boost so often described. The rules are different for the obese than for someone just needing to drop 15 pounds.

I am also concerned about losing weight in the sort of drastic manner that gives my skin no chance to catch up.

If I am not in fact losing weight on the Soylent regular dose, I can reduce it gradually (that’s what I see was so valuable about this) until I get what I want.

It took several decades to acquire the weight, a year to two to lose it is well worth the wait. BTW, my final goal will still cause doctors who follow BMI strictly to cluck disapprovingly, but it was the best weight I had (looked good, felt good).



Most doctors recommend to not lose more than 3 pounds per week. I unscientifically correlate that to about 1% per week.

I’d advise most to eat a full days worth of soylent, unless you’re very sure of your current intake (most of us larger people eat significantly more then just 2000 cal per day) so you don’t lose weight unhealthy.


I don’t have anything to add to the discussion, I’m just so happy you used the word “lose” correctly. So many people these days just don’t get it.


Color me confused. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone use the word “lose” incorrectly, except maybe by typing “loose” on accident.


(Not everyone here is English-native, we should probably be incredibly forgiving to everyone’s grammar mistakes. We’re all Soylenteers here)


I’m using it for similar reasons. I don’t have my Soylent yet, but have been on my DIY for almost 5 months and have been very pleased with how well it is working for me.

Like @benji, I plan to keep my Soylent usage to 1500kcal a day. My current DIY is about 1600kcal, I have been steadily losing weight at that level. I will also be making a hybrid DIY with the official goods, and will settle on whichever I like best after a while.


I plan on losing weight and I think Soylent will make it easier to do. I’ve done best when counting calories, and Soylent makes it very simple.


I think wee awl knead too loose some wait. My spill chick says their is know problem with the weigh my sent ants are spelt.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I guess my point is, technology sometimes works against us.

But back on topic. My DIY has caused me to lose weight. I was never obese but I still have a bit of a belly that magically appeared in 2000 when I spent 13 months working at a desk job where they subsidised my lunches, whilst I stayed at in a bed and breakfast with an included “full English breakfast”. I am hoping that particular piece of Cambridgeshire finally departs my person, due to the magical properties of the elixir that now sustains me.


As a rather large man with experience of weight loss programs that I flunk I’m hoping that Soylent will be the one thing that finally does the trick.
Going from 150kg (330 pounds) to my target of about 90kg (200 pounds) will take at least a year on a steady diet of about 2000-2500cal. Since I loath counting calories Soylent will be fantastic :smiley:


As a large guy I also wonder about how much soylent I’m going to go through, I’m 6’-4" @230lbs and fairly active between working out several days a week and dancing almost just as much. All the calculation I’ve done put my resting metabolic rate and well above 2,000cal so I’m worried that my size and calorie requirements are going to make soylent more expensive than hoped and wish they had caloric size options. It seems like a months supply of soylent won’t provide enough for my body without adding outside food for the missing calories.


I was on a diet for awhile that had me losing a minimum of 2-3 pounds a day. I also wanted to lower my cholesterol. So I had a huge bowl of oatmeal in the morning with a little milk. A salad with everything on it except dressing for lunch. Anything I wanted for dinner. And for snacks I ate fruit. I also walked a minimum of 3 miles a day. I did that 5 days a week. Heavier people are going to drop weight fast just from eating healthier and exercising. You lowered your calorie intake and you started burning more calories. I plan on eating soylent for about 10-15 meals a week. For breakfast and lunch. Those meals tend to be my most unhealthy.


Hey @vanclute, have you lost weight after your 20 days?