Asthma on Soylent



I was wondering if there are any asthmatics here that have been on official Soylent for awhile. It would be interesting to know if your symptoms have improved or if it makes no difference at all. I have long been wondering how my diet may affect my symptoms and am hoping that a better nutrition through Soylent might help.



My other half was a diagnosed asthmatic for most of her adult life (20ish years) until a few years ago when she finally decided to research it to the ends of the earth, and get rid of it. She eventually succeeded, and as of several years ago was formally tested as asthma free.

That being said, she’s now had Soylent 1.0 as the majority of her diet for 2 months (as have I) and has reported that her allergies in general have entirely vanished. All her general congestion that continued even post-asthma, along with seasonal allergies and related issues from doing tons of gardening just about every single day… just completely went away and hasn’t returned. Now it’s possible that it’s just a coincidence I suppose… but in all the time I’ve known her (going on 14 years) I’ve never known her to have so much as a single month without a trace of allergy symptoms. She’s breathing easier than ever, and her sinus headaches are gone as well.

So maybe this isn’t quite what you were looking for in terms of a reply, but maybe you’ll find it helpful anyway.


From my quick reading on the internet, my result and answere is… Perhaps… I would guess that a balanced intake of the right omega 3 and 6 combined with antioxidants might help a little. But the only real way to find out is for you to try it out. How is your diet now?


Okay okay wait wait. Ive had serious asthma my whole life… @vanclute how did she manage to get rid of her asthma?! Holy moly do i want that lol.


I would love to know what she did to get rid of her asthma as well. Very curious. I have had some success with exercise… and quitting smoking (yeah dumb to smoke with asthma) and things are much better. But to be asthma free. That would be awesome


@Tordenskjold My diet at the moment is probably 50% 100% Food and 50% other stuff :slight_smile: - It’s much better than it used to be. I also take fish oil and magnesium which helps with my anxiety levels.


I’ve had asthma since I was a toddler, tightness of chest but not mucus, and I don’t feel any change on a diet that is 75% Soylent. Suffering through a muggy Maryland summer right now.


OK, in case it’s helpful here is her Amazon review of the product that for her at least, cured her asthma.

As with everything your mileage may vary! But this worked wonders for her when nothing else had for over a decade.