At the doctor’s office

My sister in-law started drinking the occasional (1/day ready to drink, cacao flavor) Soylent. Anyways, she had some recent blood work and her blood sugar was a touch high (don’t know actual numbers). Doctor seemed to think the soy in the Soylent was the culprit. Now, I don’t for a second think this is true, (I probably get 90% of my daily calories from Soylent and when I tested my blood sugar it was down at 4.7mmol/L), but I’m curious if anyone else has experienced similar comments from their MDs.

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I’ve never even heard of soy being linked to blood pressure at all… but then I don’t follow this kind of stuff closely so maybe I’m just unaware.

blood sugar (glucose), not blood pressure. Glucose measurement is an instantaneous measure of the glucose present in the blood. Since it tends to vary rapidly with food consumption, I would suppose that the Sis-in-law gave her blood sample while NPO (fasting)? If she cheated even a bit with a snack on her way to give the sample, that could skew the result.

The normal blood glucose level (tested while fasting) for non-diabetics, should be between 3.9 and 5.5 mmol/L


Searching on “soy blood glucose” produces quite a few hits, but pointing in all different directions. As with most things soy-related, there is lots of woo and there are studies showing no clear effect either way.

Here’s one that says

The results showed that the consumption of soy did not affect blood sugar and its control. However, some studies revealed that whole soy foods or a soy-rich diet could affect the blood sugar favorably.

Here’s one that says

Soy intake also produced small but significant reductions in serum glucose values. This evidence suggests that soy may be a valuable tool in maintaining overall health, lowering cholesterol, and even slowing the development of diabetes.

So probably the Dr.'s suggestion can be ignored.


I drink about four Soylent 2.0’s a day and was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 in 2000, and my doctor recently commented that she was glad to see that my blood sugar is within the normal range. My blood pressure is also low, but I have taken meds for that since 2000.


Oh jeez I totally misread sugar as pressure. WHOOPS!


For another data point: Mine was 4.2 mmol/L with an 80 to 90% Soylent use.