"At this point, we were all supposed to be taking our meals as pills" - Lead Soylent Investor


One of the co-founders of the investment firm that gave Soylent nearly $20 million, had this to say:

“At this point we were all supposed to be taking our meals as pills.”

Some tl;dw context:

He is debating Peter Thiel (another technology VC) in favor of the motion that technology is improving with breakthroughs in many fields.

He follows his meal-to-pill comment by saying that it was probably for the best that this didn’t happen, or “we’d have figured out how to put 8,000 calories in it…”

This debate was long before his firm invested in Soylent (c. June 2013). The investment makes more sense, given his comments on the future of food. Even then, he seemed to fall in line with Soylent’s philosophy. In order to qualify as “futuristic”, food should be convenient but not if it means sacrificing human health.

The rest of the debate is worth a watch: