At which rate is soylent produced currently?


I read that this was said on the twitter of soylent (I can’t actually find it myself):

we’re working on scaling up our shipping, hope to ship 3-4x+ more units daily over next few weeks. thanks for your patience!

I’m wondering, how much of those 1 month boxes are produced daily at this moment ?
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I mean I’m not judging or whatever if you guys don’t produce soylent very fast yet, but I mean, just wanted to know what we can expect, and what a 3-4 increase of production would actually mean.


The only rate of production that i found was from a very old post that may be not true at all. so, take this as a estimate but not tied to reality as it is right now.

As discussed in our previous Operations Update, we will be shipping larger orders first, to ensure we don’t get a flood of reorders in the second week of shipping. If you ordered 1+ months of Soylent, your shipment should go out in the first week of fulfillment. At our forecast production rate of 70,000 units/week, all orders should be fulfilled by the third week of shipments.


@mitch What is a unit ? A day of soylent ?


according to the same blog post, which might not be true as it is old.

3-4 weeks for blending, quality assurance testing and packaging of 225,000 days of Soylent. Approximately 70,000 days of Soylent will be produced, tested and shipped weekly. As soon as the first week of production finishes and proper quality assurance tests are run, we will be able to start the first shipment of Soylent.

1 unit seems to be 1 day.


70,000 appears to have been an overestimate.

According to the New Yorker piece,

Last week, the first thirty thousand units of commercially made Soylent were shipped out to customers across America.

The article came out May 6:


It’s hard to say. That only speaks to how much was shipped in the first week of shipping. It’s quite possible that they were/are still working on getting their packing/shipping process ramped up. At this point they may be able to produce faster than they can pack/ship. With out more info from the company we can’t know where the bottle neck is.


Last week, the first thirty thousand units of commercially made Soylent were shipped out to customers across America.]

That suprises me. That is like more than 10% of all the soylent.

Only 2% of the people here: have received their soylent.


Lets do some math :smiley:

So that New Yorker piece says that at least 30,000 units have shipped, under the assumption that a ‘unit’ is a day that equates to around 4285 weeks. from This image that currently the orders shipped is still less than the month+ orders ordered, And many people ordered more than one month in that category.

So of the 9% that have been supposedly shipped probobly many of the orders went to the same people.


They probably sent 500 units to Rob, 500 units to the father of Rob, 500 units to the mother of Rob, 500 units to his girlfriend, 5000 units to his 10 best friends, 500 units to Julio etc. :stuck_out_tongue: