Athletic DIY? -Anyone added creatine?


Howdy all. I’ve been working on my recipe a great deal to try and eliminate supplementation. Ideally I want to make my Soylent, break it down into four meals and have that cover me. This way I have breakfast, lunch, an “early dinner” that is basically pre-workout. and then a second dinner when I get home from training which is closer to 8PM. The first thing I tackled was cutting back on my Masa (people chow base) and incorporating significantly more Whey Isolate but also adding Casein as well to help with controlling hunger and overnight protein.

The only items I’ve otherwise considered are BCAA and Creatine. Mainly I was curious if anyone has tried or experimented with introducing monohydrate creatine into their mix and how that went for them. From what I understand it’s better to take creatine with carbs anyways so incorporating it into my regular shakes seems like an ideal solution from that stand point.

If anyone has experience I’d love to hear it good or bad, and if you looked into it and decided for some reason not do go down that road I’d love to hear about that to. Thanks!


Got a link to your recipe?


of course, nothing fancy, just moved the masa down slightly and bumped the proteins. Fall ever so slightly shy on Fiber but I supplement that anyways.

Edited to add - My other goal with this recipe was to stay under $6 a day. My recipe includes maximizing saves where possible (i.e. my price for Casein is with a subscribe and save approach and my Mega Men takes into account using a Buy One Get One half off promo + membership discount). So if my pricing seems wacky thats why. I have 30 pounds of Whey isolate for instance because I was getting it for a little less then $9 a pound but that was a fluke. The pricing on the recipe while not always available is routinely available if you watch and buy when it comes up (as it does on a pretty regular basis).


To me, the recipe looks pretty good. I do have a question about your protein: Are you going to use the NOW foods one, or the Hard Rhino stuff? (it’s conflicting.)
the Hard Rhino is cheaper when you buy it from them.


My personal Grok Chow recipe includes 5g of creatine daily and yeah it’s great for the gym. Creatine plays very nicely with DIY because it usually comes in powder form (easy to add) and is effectively tasteless. I too looked into adding BCAAs but any half decent protein powder already includes some anyway and unlike creatine they taste nasty. Personally I use BCAAs only before working out while fasted.


JB - I left it that way by accident, but the reality is they are interchangeable. They both claim to be 90% pure whey isolate with zero additives (the 10% comes from the actual process of creating the product, 100% wouldn’t be feasible). I have 20 pounds of Hard Rhino and another 10 pounds of Now and have used them both without issue or noticing any taste/texture difference. If your looking to make this or a similar recipe buy whichever is on sale, if you go with Rhino they have (I think it still works) a coupon “swolerhino” that should take the edge off a bit.

Luisrayas3 - I’ll give it a go then. Being tasteless I figured it wouldn’t compromise or even really change that. If you aren’t seeming any change from adding it to your DIY vs taken it separately with water or milk I’ll start adding it today. I’ve just been taking it on the side which I’ve started to feel like is just an unnecessary step.


Yep. Been using 5g of creatine for about 9 months of DIY. All good.