Attn Packaging Engineers: Soylent Powder 1.8 pouch constructive criticism

I’m enjoying 1.8 now for its cost efficiency and portability. Packaging engineers, please consider sealing the powder below the ziplock part, otherwise the ziplock part cannot be used, as it’s invariably blocked with powder.

They are sealed, the pouches are not the best and the seals come undone easy during shipping. Updating the packaging is on our road map, but a few other projects are taking priority.


I find if I shake the bag a bit down before opening I can get most of the powder below the zip lock. That being said I never actually use the seal as I make up a pouch at a time.

I forget who enlightened me here… but if you can get the powder out of one corner, then open that side just a little bit to let the air in… the rest is easy peasy!


After the pouch is opened, if you flick along the zipper from the outside, it dislodges the powder in the zipper grooves quite well.

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Great, thanks for acknowledging this, Conor!

Yep, when I get home from vacation I plan to start making a whole pouch at a time. This powder & packaging & using blender bottles is a little messy but hey it’s just a first-world problem I can endure for now :smile:

Hmm, Sounds like a good method but I’m having trouble visualizing this…

Thank you for your input. With all due respect, I find that flicking along the zipper from the outside makes a powdery mess not assured to descend down into the bag, but every which way and into the air, adding to the powdery mess on the work surface.

So my method has been digging the powder out with the sharp edge of the scoop handle.

My simple wish is for the pouches to be lightly sealed below the ziploc line, as other well-packaged products are. Lightly sealed, easy enough for customers to peel open upon first use.

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Sorry… my point was that once you’ve let air into the bag by opening the ‘non-clogged’ corner of the bag you can pinch the sides and pull them apart, thus forcing the zipper wide open (even though most of the top is still closed) and most the the powder that was packed above the line will fall down into the bag… then you can proceed to completely open the top. I usually add a 2nd step to then cut off that zipper area (top inch) with scissors so that it’s easier to get the top of the bag into the pitcher top and let all the powder come out.

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