August orders are being shipped


Just received email from official @Soylent Team. The most interesting part is in bold.
I can assume it to be a tentative indicator that we are moving into August 2014 orders, making current waiting queue to be about 23-24 weeks.
Hopefully @Soylent can confirm their claim from email here as well :wink:

Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the form reply.

We are currently experiencing a high volume of emails and apologize in advance for any extended response times that you may experience. The Soylent Customer Care team is working hard to reply to inquiries as quickly as possible, in the order they are received.

At the bottom of this email you will see commonly requested information. If you don’t find the answer to your question, we encourage you to visit the Soylent knowledge base at

Thanks again for your inquiry.

Soylent Customer Care

Currently shipping: Orders placed in August 2014. If you ordered Soylent prior to August 2014 and have not yet received it, please let us know.

Orders placed by customers who have already received their first shipment of Soylent are considered re-orders and ship within 1-2 weeks. We identify reorders by email address. If you used a different email address than your previous orders, please let us know.

We are only shipping to the United States currently, and cannot accept any international orders. If you would like to be updated about international availability, please click here:

All new one-time orders are billed on the date of purchase.

New subscriptions are billed on the date of purchase. Customers will not be charged again until after their first Soylent subscription delivery has been made.

Soylent Knowledgebase:
Detailed nutritional information:


Just two more months for my order!


On the Shipment Tracker (which, granted, is user-sourced and there are a couple of obviously wrong entries in there) it has been apparent that late July orders have been sent over the past couple of weeks, so I figured August would start pretty soon. This means I’m, hopefully, pretty close to getting mine. Five months later.

Of course, given Soylent’s history, they can claim July orders are all done and then there will be people who ordered in July and still haven’t gotten theirs posting here in April.


Looks like I’ll be getting mine, soon (hopefully)!


Are orders fulfilled based purely on date, or does quantity factor into the shipping as well?



I’m not saying on behalf of Soylent, but from different thread I saw that they have 2 fulfillment queues. Both are sorted by order date.
One queue is for one time orders and second one - for subscriptions. They are not totally synchronized, but usually go along (I assume they are balancing shipments to make them not to far away from one another).
Except this, I saw all the time confirmations, that only order date can influence time you will see your Soylent (and a bit of luck not to slip through cracks).



That makes sense. Since I opted for monthly subscription, can I assume that my shipment will arrive on the same time every month after my first shipment? Has anyone with a subscription gotten a super late shipment yet?


Monthly subscription actually was designed as “4 boxes (28 bags) of Soylent every 28 days”.
There have been some lag with regular subscriptions and 28 days could go a little bit longer, therefore customers tend to order a little bit more, to cover any gaps.

For example instead of 28 bags every 28 days, you can order 28+7 bags and if you will be having any concerns about availability and just to build a stack of bags for sharing with friends and reserve.

Based on forum messages from official account, current fulfillment is overwhelmed with long backlog and limit of copacker capacity to ~200K bags per month. Additional factor is not ideal software that they are using to synchronize charge day and shipment day.

They are working on issues and expect to eliminate both in the future. For now, I personally would recommend to order a little bit more to make ~10 bags extra just in case.


It goes without saying that you can change/pause your subscription at any moment and Soylent is good for 2 years in storage (not mixed with water/oil).


One more month. They really need to update the FAQ that says 2-3 months to the real time of 6 months. But then I have not gotten it yet… but I am hopeful. Unfortunately for part of me the excitement of Soylent is gone. I hope I really get this next month and get excited about it again. If not I will chalk it up to a learning experience.


I don’t mind to criticize Rosa Labs for something like absence of “try kit”, but let’s not exaggerate.

It actually states “4-5 months” on the checkout page on (and it was there at least since July 2014). See screen:

Real time of 6 months? It was never 6 months. Let’s be fair.

For May orders it was 4.8-5.2 months. In June-July it’s about 5.3-5.7 months, depending on factors.
If all August orders will be shipped by early February - it’s again 5.0-5.3 months.


I’ll be at 5.0 in a week.


Incorrect. It changed from 10-12 weeks (as seen here on August 7th) to 4-5 months (seen here
on August 8th

I knew you were full of crap because I ordered on Aug 5th, when it still had the 10-12 weeks – I probably wouldn’t have ordered if it said 4-5 months at that time. The EMAIL does say it may take 4-5 months, and maybe the checkout page did, but that wasn’t on the front page. Pretty deceptive, really.

And, yes, I am now at 5.25 months (or somewhere thereabout). Where’s my got-dang food sludge?


I ordered at approximately same time and do remember it was “4-5 months” on the checkout page. I even asked support about expected time in August last year :slight_smile:

I have never tracked what is said in the FAQ page however. It might change as a nature of any FAQ page, but site’s checkout page was with “4-5 month for new orders” since mid August. So I’m not aware what you have found incorrect in my words or deceptive on the checkout page.
You (and obviously me) were promised to have it in 4-5 months and I don’t see why it won’t be true.

I still expect you (and myself) to see shipment tracking email in projected timeline.


Generally because the front page of the website is what you would be looking at, not fine print during the checkout process.


You should always read the fine print at checkout. To not do so is a risk to yourself.

At the time of my placing an order, Aug. 19, I was told to expect 10-12 weeks. I never got any emails about delays at any time. I reached out to support around the 11 week mark because I had seen others on the forums talk about getting delay emails around that time. I assumed I was a hiccup, support got back to me, and I went on my way.

If you ordered in august sit back and relax, Soylent is on its way.


When exactly was your order?

I ordered 8/3/14 and still don’t have an email.


In mid August. I’m still waiting for my official turn, while using friend’s supply.
At this point, I have no idea when shipments to backlog will renew. All these news distract everybody from usual business.


Sorry but I usually buy from reputable vendors who don’t pull bait-and-switches on product availability dates so it hasn’t been an issue.