Ausoylent - Australian - Low Carb - Cheap - Feedback?

Looks good. You’re still above 100% on a lot of items so you could drop it back under $4 with a little more tweaking.

Thanks mate, have just done that, and eliminated the high Iron levels by swapping out Milo with Cocoa powder which smooths some other levels out. Now sitting at $3.97/day. Not loving the need for two salts, that certainly can do with some culling.

Those are 2 good salts. You can skip the iodine and use a non-iodized salt.

As others have said you can drop the MSM and save $0.07 a day. As far as going over 300% on some of your micros I wouldn’t worry unless you are getting near or going over the upper limit for that nutrient. If there is no upper limit listed then there is no known danger in getting large doses of that nutrient.

Thanks @Syke and @horsfield for the help, things are looking much better. Do either of you use a DIY recipe? Is there anything in this you can see will make the taste unpalatable? Next logical step is to order and try myself, but just making sure there is nothing obvious.

As my approach on this is to get as accurate data as possible, I have left MSM in for now, though halved it as I have sourced the sulfur figures on some other ingredients. It has taken things down to $3.90 though.

@horsfield Have sourced the Sulfur protein break down of the Brown Rice protein and Milk powder which caters nicely for Sulfur levels, so MSM is now gone as suggested. ( and

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Looks like it’ll taste pretty good. The questionable flavors (vitamins, kale, etc) are in minimal amounts that they shouldn’t be noticed. The rice protein is bland, but the chocolate milo should balance that out nicely.

I’m a DIY nut. I can’t got a day or two without making major tweaks to my recipes.

@Syke Two 3:30am mornings researching in a row is indicating I am treading the same path :slight_smile: Milo has been replaced with Cocoa which should still flavour things OK though be a little more bitter. @Syke what is your DIY recipe?

I’ve tried unsweetened cocoa, and it’s very good.

This is a recent (unfinished) recipe. It settles too much, so I’ll be adding some lecithin soon.

Here’s my recipe

@Syke what is it about Lecithin that helps with the settling issue? Nice recipe btw, why the omega profile as it is?

@horsfield nice recipe also, another with high Biotin levels, any reason or just a by product of the multi vitamins being used?

Lecithin is an emulsifier, which helps reduce separation.

I don’t have the details yet on the omegas, so they’re incomplete until I hear back from the manufacturer.

Makes sense @Syke, glad I have it in there.

Have updated the recipe slightly since coming back from the local supermarket to get ingredients. Switched the Kale Powder out with a new type that helps smooth out some of the high values and get the ratio close to what I was after for the same daily price.

Also means I no longer have to split the Centrum Advance in half, leaving it at 1 pill instead of 1.5.

Apparently there is a discrepancy between what the FDA says the the DRI for biotin is (30mcg) and what the manufacturer of the multi I use says the RDA is (300mcg). Luckily there is no known issue with getting lots of biotin.

As far as lecithin goes it bonds to both fat and water and will keep the oil and water from separating. It does nothing for the carb source you use.

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On that note, looking through the nutrient profiles, I notice the one we all base it off seems to be down on Fibre and Potassium from official figures. The current recipe caters for the Fibre, but is a little down on the Potassium. @horsfield and @Syke, do either of you have a good source for Potassium that won’t effect other values to much?

1 more ingredient to purchase, full blood work getting done tomorrow and a wireless scale in the next day or so and I can get started and blog the progress.

Yea. Check out my recipe.

You can go with a pure potassium like @horsfield, or salt substitute like NoSalt. Try replacing the Salt Lite with NoSalt.

@Syke NoSalt I am struggling to source easily here in Aus, will look into @horsfield recipe for potassium ideas.

Also just published a low-carb version which I am a little happier with the spread of level sensitive nutrients (average of 149%) and we are still under $4.

Also using the same base recipe, I have formulated a women’s version for the wife, which you can see here.

First batch made and ready to go for the morning, will see how it tastes and report back, thanks to those that helped so far (@Syke, @horsfield especially).