Aussie Soylent!


woohoo! has an article about Soylent and a start-up in AUS… can wait for it!

Is someone from here running this? Need a beta tester? :slight_smile:


@aussiesoylent is yes, he linked it earlier. I am worried that they/he says it is “made with love” I would prefer a lack of “love” in Soylent :wink:

That being said, great interview/video for the Soylent movement.


Thanks for the link. They did a nice job.


Nicely done Aussies.


as far as I can tell this is just a case of someone buying a domain name and collecting email addrrsses, probably for selling to spammers later in the year… no replies to any emails, no phone number listed, no product details , prices or ingredients . if they launch in September I will be very surprised.


FYI @unsynchronized: I got a trial shipment a few weeks ago from Aussie Soylent, it came quickly and I just put in an order for more.


that’s good to hear
its nice to be proven wrong

how did you manage to order? the website is basically an empty page, last time I looked.


Via email, I found out via reddit’s soylent community and he messaged me when I mentioned I was having trouble buying it locally.


Oh, hey. Great news! I ordered some Joylent from the Netherlands a month ago because they ship to Aus., but having no joy at all trying to get a response to my questions about when I can expect to recieve it or whether it has in fact shipped. Great to be in the loop on something closer to home! Exciting times.


I signed up to the email list and havent heardanything yet… no updates… no nothing… hopefully soon.


I emailed direct and got an email back pretty much straight away - not much to it; they’re rolling out in September. And so … we wait …


@funnelbc - so are you going to post a review of Aussie Soylent? what’s it like? ingredients? flatulence? energy levels? headaches ?



I tried mine over breakfast/lunch over 2 days (except for people chow) so I could get a feel for what its like to eat it during the work week. My review/thoughts follow below (I had never tasted any soylent type products so apart from enthusiasm & curiosity I think it’s fair to say I had very little in the way of pre-conceptions coming into this:

Schmoylent Observations:

Mixed this too thick at first, but even then it was pretty good. When mixed correctly it was quite nice. I was bracing myself for a weird or odd experience but the flavour is very mild and “porridgy”. This was the first mix I tried so most of the folks in the office were curious about it and wanted to try a little bit. Also noticed some Facebook friends freaked out about it, and were actually seriously concerned for my health. I pointed out that the ingredients were no different to stuff you’d eat in a normal day, but just measured per your daily needs, but I was shocked by the strong negative reaction, especially amongst friends who are eating Paleo.

There was a faint bitter aftertaste in the back of my throat after consuming but not bad.

Anyway, the Schmoylent was not as sweet as it smelled dry (it smelt like it might be sickly sweet) and the mixed product has a nice oatey flavour without being overpowering. Quite filling.

Very smooth (smoothest of the 3 I trialled) and had a nice easy eating/drinking consistency.

4 Stars. Pretty good.

People Chow Observations:

This one didn’t work out for me. It could be the texture which was gritty (after overnight mixing and chilling) or the bitter aftertaste but I just couldn’t get into this one. After a fairly ordinary breakfast (I basically choked it down) I had about half a shaker jug at lunch and gave up on that mix. The bitterness on aftertaste was too much and the smell of it (even though the smell is quite mild) was unappetising after the experience of trying that mix. The separation that happens with this one is also a bit off putting. Couldn’t finish it.

0 Stars. Nearly barfed.

Aussie Soylent Family Man Mix Observations:

This one had slightly larger particle matter in it when you drink it, felt like maybe little chunks of oat or almond meal, but I didn’t find that a worry at all. Noticed this one left a little more residue in the bottom of the cup when pouring it out of the overnight container. But conversely, It seemed to clean up a bit easier out of the container (the Schmoylent seemed to stick to the side of the jug more).

Very similar mouthfeel to the Schmoylent but maybe a tiny bit less oatey flavour, slightly less thick and smooth mouthfeel. Almost no bitter aftertaste. If I had to say anything it feels a bit less filling maybe than the Schmoylent but I’m clutching at straws.

I like this one best - it’s probably the one I can imagine eating as a regular meal replacement.

4.5 Stars. FUTURE FOOD.

I also sent this to Paul from Aussie Soylent and he commented that he’s dropping the people chow, even though it’s very popular he had a lot of similar feedback.

Am waiting for September production ramp up to order some more. I also have a 2 week Soylent ™ trial coming sometime soonish as I got a delivery coming soon notification. I’m happy to have tried the DIY as if it’s comparable all things being equal I’d be happy to support a local guy instead of ordering all the way from the states all the time.

EDIT - Just realised I didn’t answer your specific questions. All that stuff flatuence/energy levels etc were totally fine. I’ve been kilojoule counting when I’m eating “normally” anyway so I think that probably smoothed the way a bit. I had some pretty consistent IBS symptoms before kilojoule counting and so if anyone was going to be set off, I’d say it would be me. (Side note: Simply getting daily energy intake around what it should be, seemed to immediately take care of my IBS). So I’d say I felt healthy and fine, but note I only had a short trial of 6 days total (breakfast and lunch each day). I can say I felt happy and healthy enough with the mix to try it for longer at least!


the site is now showing sample packs for sale. a little pricey, $13 for a days worth, which includes a $3.50 delivery charge. its half a day of both flavors. enough to confirm the taste and texture , but not enough to check any flatulence or other issues. still its a start.


Actually, that’s cheaper than @axcho’s able to send a one-day sample (to the U.S.), and much cheaper than an American can buy a one-day sample of Soylent on eBay.


It’s only 1/2 a day though (2 servings) - so works out quite pricey. But everything in Australia costs a lot more than in the US so it’s not surprising (and I’m sure the bulk rate will be cheaper). I’m currently paying about $480AU total to get 1 month of official Soylent here - so the pricing isn’t actually too bad.

@aussiesoylent where is it made - the address on the bag looks like a new development (Google doesn’t know about it). Is this at your home or is it at a commercial facility? I’ll order a sample pack out of interest anyway - a friend at work wanted to try it too so with one per customer I guess we’ll have to share :smile:


obviously signing up to their mail list was a complete waste of time…


Just ordered myself a sample pack of Aussie Soylent. Pretty excited.

I ended up having to cancel my Joylent (Netherlands) order and get a refund, because they couldn’t answer any of my questions about how long it might take to get to me. Ah well. They were quick with my refund, so that’s something.

Thanks so much @aussiesoylent for doing this for those of us Down Under who are out of the Northern Hemisphere supply-chain. Looking forward to my shipment :slight_smile:


I ordered on Monday and got it Tuesday morning - so the shipping is quick! Haven’t tried it yet as I already had 2L mixed up.


Is this packaged in an approved facility or from someones garage?