Australia - Multivitamin?


GNC mega man sport is used in a lot of DIY recipes because it is a powdered multivitamin. However just isn’t readily available in Australia

I’ve done quite a lot of searching however I can’t seem to find any powdered multi’s!

The most popular DIY (Australia( multi seems to be ‘Optimum Nutrition, Opti-Women’ from iHerb. I guess the Capsules can be easily split and mixed into the brew.

The most popular multi on iHerb is ‘Nature’s Way, Alive! Whole Food Energizer’. I actually like this one but its a tablet which is a hassle. I guess I can just take 1 with breakfast.


If your recipe involves an even amount of pills, you could take them without mixing them into your soylent.


No I don’t want to take separate pills with each meal.
I want to mix up a 5 day working week batch on the weekend. I’m very busy during the week.


Look for multivitamin capsules, not pills. Capsules contain loose powder, which you can empty into your mix.


Sounds good - thanks for the tip.