Australian Based Ingredients



Since Amazon dont ship most ingredients to Australia… for whatever reason… I had to source the ingredients from alternate locations… thought I would share.

I got the fibre from Protein King.
Fine Oat Power and Spirulina from Bulk Nutrients

All other ingredients from which are US based but will ship to Aus. Still waiting for this to turn up… even though its DHL it takes two or so weeks to arrive.

Some of the protein and carbo are available in AUS but I couldnt find most things in 1 single location.

Anyone else found suitable alternatives?

How to start Soylent in Australia?

I’m surprised no one from Australia has purchased anything yet… ah well.


I’m from Australia and had been looking into alternative suppliers but hadn’t committed to anything yet. Thanks for the links! Which recipe are you using?


I’m from Australia, planning on using BuilNutrients as well, a lot of the stuff I am ordering from iHerb as they ship to Australia. I’ll check out, thanks!


I found this one too


I’m using the recipe here:

I’ve managed to get nearly all the ingredients, but I had two questions:

  • Has anyone managed to find a phosphorous source in aus? I couldn’t find monosodium phosphate anywhere.

  • What is the spirulina for?

If anyone is interested I’ll put together a list of the ingredients with links to where I bought them.


Aussie here too. Very interested in making some Soylent for myself, but I was unsure of where to start. Thanks for starting us off!

Edit: I know that is a good source for all kinds of supplements. Cheap and fast shipping too.


I’m using the same recipe and I havent been able to get monosodium phosphate either.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae which is high in protein and other goodness.

Links will help everyone.


@Nathan_Wilson and @Ado:

MSP sources that ship to Australia-



I’m working on creating a list of possible products available from within Australia for people to use to build their soylent recipes with key factors being price and customization potential. Multivitamins make it hard to tweak your recipe so I’d much rather source individual products.

If anyone from Aus has found good suppliers or products that have not already been listed please let us know.

Alternatively if you have some spare time and would like to assist in the project add me on skype. Username is drscyth3


I dont use skype and I haven’t tried to source individual items in Aus…yet. I agree that it would be better in terms of taste too as some multivitamins can be a tad nasty tasting.

If I find something I’ll post on here though.


Just purchased my first batch of ingredients for my Soylent recipe to be delivered to Melbourne.

In the process of creating my recipe (inspired by a lot of recipes in this forum) I’ve created an app to help me plan and price it.

It is very ‘alpha’, but you can check out the recipe with ingredient sources (including Australian sources and ones that ship to Australia quite cheaply) at

Naturally, I’d also love some feedback about the recipe itself. I’ll be posting a top-level post about my recipe to get some feedback from non-Aussies as well, so you may see this message again.

HTH & Cheers,


Great work Rotbart! That table app is awesome.

Recipe looks like a good start. Would be good if we could find a cheaper source for the Whey Protein Isolate though… It’s cost alone per day is more than some American recipies total cost! But even still $11-12 a day is cheaper than my current diet…


AU$22/kg Whey Isolate:

Not much of a price improvement though.


I would probably swap it out for grape seed oil for the flavor, Rob has moved to it in his formula as well for the same reason. Also there are plenty very good quality Australian olive oils out there. Was a study done a while back about imported olive oils that were rancid even before shipped out of Italy.



Thought I would share this…

I was talking to a guy today about Soylent and he mentioned a product from Sanitarium called “One Square Meal” which has 33% of the RDI for everything you need. Not sure it actually covers EVERYTHING but it looks like a good alternative to a meal during the day if you actually want to chew on something.

I’m going to look for it tomorrow to check it out.



Soylent alternative: Soylent vs MealSquares


I’m located in Melbourne and iv’e been on this diet for almost 2 weeks now (took almost a month for vitamins etc. to arrive from overseas).

My mix is ~2500 calories, with a 65/20/15 carb/fat/protein ratio. The daily cost is under $6, not including once off costs like shipping.

@rotbart, really like the spreadsheet, your protein amount looks really high for daily intake?

Happy to answer any questions.


@ozbob - my vitamins just arrived this morning, mail to Australia takes long indeed :slight_smile:

My high protein intake is aligned with the Leangains IF protocol that I’m on. I use this macronutrient calculator and aim for ~3g of protein per kilogram of lean body mass (1.5g per 1lb of LBM) with a higher proportion of it coming for Leucine.



@rotbart - I’ve just had a look at your data sheet here And I think you’ve overlooked a particularly major factor, the WPI you are using (and it’s a brilliant source because of this) has a detailed micronutrient breakdown available, it’s actually a pretty major source of some minerals.

Also, what calculations have led to a 9:3:1.3 Macronutrient ratio?

Are you really 90kg of pure muscle?


@PPanda: That WPI breakdown is excellent, thanks for finding it! I’ll add it and see how it affects the rest of the recipe.

I’m 95kg out of which is 82.2kg of LBM (13.5% bf) at 1.5g protein per 1lb of LBM that that comes to ~270g of protein per day. The 3g per kg figure was approximate, the actual recommendation is based on 1.5g per lb of LBM.

Note that the high protein ratio protocol is controversial anyway and there are salient arguments, backed by studies, going both ways – so YMMV. It has been working for me.