Australian-Based recipe, review needed!


Hi, I’m in Australia and I’m going to be ordering everything sometime next week probably, and just want to get some review of my recipe, what you guys think and if I need to change anything prior to purchasing.

Here’s a link to the google spreadsheet with it on: (when looking at the breakdown, the left white column is for a single quantity, the right grey column is multiplied by the servings)

Basically, for starters anyway, I’m going to just be using it as a supplement (possibly replacing breakfast) to see how it goes, then dropping other meals when I feel i’m ready.

I’ve chosen to go with a whey protein concentrate, as it’s cheaper and I’m not lactose intolerant.

The rows in the light blue, I’d like to change (the multivitamin, I’d prefer it to be a powder, and/or something which fits more to the quantities on rob’s ingredients breakdown, so if anyone has an alternative I’d definitely be willing to check it out.

Also if anyone can recommend places to get items on my list for cheaper, i’d be open to the suggestion.

Thanks for your time!


For multivitamins I’d personally recommend a generic form of Men’s Health One-A-Day (walgreens or cvs if they’re in your area will have one, and they really are comparable). It evened everything out pretty well for my recipe, but I’m still lacking in Vitamin K which I’ll need to be grabbing something of soon. The liquid of the Alive! has also been reported as definitely one of the nastier substances to consume with soylent.

I’m using the same fiber, and I would also recommend measuring that out each time, because as far as I’ve found, one tsp usually ends up being 4g instead of 6.5. I’m also learning a good scale will go a long way.

Good luck!