Australian company using "Soylent" name


The relatively new meal replacement company OzSoylent is rather blatantly using the word “Soylent” on their web site, where the first six words you see are “WHY OZ SOYLENT? OR SOYLENT AUSTRALIA?”

While Rosa Labs doesn’t mind other companies comparing themselves to Soylent, this seems to me to go beyond that to outright claiming to BE Soylent.


Yeah they’re kind of inviting themselves to being sued.


Holy flatulence Batman, they use Kale powder (woh!), raw oats, and sunflower seeds in their recipe.


Do they have an Australian guy doing thier commercials in an exaggerated American voice? I assume that is how it is done after seeing Outback commercials.


Rosa Labs doesn’t own the trademark Soylent in Australia for category 5. Someone else does.


Oooh, that sounds like a bit of a slip-up. It will be rather hard to enter the AU/NZ market, then, when they want to, won’t it? They’d have to call their product something else, AmeriLent maybe? (AussieLent is taken!) “Hello, we’re the real Soylent and we’re here at last, only we can’t say our name…”




Do hyphens count? Soy-lent?