Australian Liquid Cake


I’m making a version of the Liquid Cake DIY recipe, in Australia. I have everything I need (just being shipped out), here is what I have:

The original has low carbs/calories, also I think I need more Omega-6? Does anyone have a recommendation for a way to get those up? Also, is there anything I can use instead of Rapeseed oil, that will fit every requirement? Rapeseed oil seems quite unhealthy…



I was thinking about using Olive Oil, as it’s healthier than Canola. Is there anything wrong with that?


I wouldn’t necessarily say that olive oil is healthier than canola. A lot of your decision will be with taste and which omegas you want in your recipe. Olive oil has very low O-3’s. If you’re looking at boosting them, then you might want to use a different oil.


Looking at the RDI it seems like I want less Omega-3 and more 6.


RDA is weird about Omega-3 vs 6. The general recommendation is actually a ratio no worse than 4:1 and approaching 1:1 Omega 6: Omega 3.


I can’t figure out if flaxseed or canola oil is best ratio wise… Omega 9 is pretty good too from what I heard

Canola has the best ratio but much less of omega 3 vs 6 right?