Automated spambots need killing



It looks to me like the bots have finally found the forum. Or maybe they had already but were being blocked. Either way, they’re not appearing with much more frequency than I’ve seen around here. Seems as though perhaps something needs tightening up in regards to signup security…?


I only see two spam posts right now (both auto hidden through multiple flags) and going through history not a bunch else.

Note that regulars at trust level 3 have a “headshot” ability, a single flag from them for spam will hide the post immediately.


Ah cool… that’s something. I just know that in all the months I’ve been coming here I’ve not seen one obviously spambot post. Now in a couple days I’ve seen 3. That’s a bad trend. :slight_smile:


How do we get trust level 3? I’m on here all the time and can probably “headshot” most of them.


You already have it, if you view your profile and look at trust level :wink:


I’m officially on sniper duty. I thought I’ve seen them persist in the latest list after flagging them. O guess it doesn’t immediately update for me?