Availability in Asian countries


Is Soylent available for purchase or shipping to any of the Asian countries or the Indian-subcontinent region?


Not currently, but there are many services that will order regionally restricted products for you and ship them to your country. I’ve never used them, but someone on the forums is bound to show up and list a few. As for availability from the company directly, you can probably email info@soylent.com and ask them to email you when it is. Hang in there, Chopra!


There is www.theperfectmeal.in but I don’t know how active they are


Joylent can ship to asia I believe if you can live with an alternative. Other european alternatives might also.

Otherwise you have to look for a reshipper, but that is very expensive because of the weight.


They’re not up yet. Even though one place on the site says, “Ships within 60 days,” there is also this:

IMPORTANT: The Perfect Meal needs to go through product approval because it is a customized formula. The Food & Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has not provided clear guidelines on how long the approval process would take. In order to book your supply in advance please write to us on info@theperfectmeal.in with the quantity you would like to reserve for yourself. We will respond with a confirmation. In this way we can guarantee that the first-come-first-serve principle is followed. At this point we urge you not to make a purchase.