Availability of Soylent after the Crowdfunding is over


I’d like to know more about the timeline for general availability of Soylent.

I’m curious how much I’d need to order to avoid a gap between the campaign and when it becomes a regularly stocked item online.


That’s answered in the FAQs at the bottom of the Campaign page:

What happens when I run out of Soylent?

By the time we begin shipping this initial batch of Soylent, we’ll
have started an online store for purchasing more – there shouldn’t be
any danger of running out.


Ah, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I swear I read through the FAQs early on and didnt see that in there.


You were quite right too, it wasn’t in there in the beginning.
Also, I hate you for having my name here! :wink:


I’m obsessed, I check the campaign page on a daily basis for changes. :blush: