Availability of Soylent?


I would just like to know when it might be available to the UK and other parts of the world ?


The CM stated something along the lines of “January 2014, hopefully earlier” in these forums, for international shipping.


In regular sale? First quarter of 2014, I guess.


Hopefully lined up before my final exams in April :smiley:


How likely is that though? I’m really keen to get some and it’s really frustrating that I can’t get hold of it…! Is there issues with the content being shipped internationally, like some sort of law infringement, or is it because its new and they haven’t branched out that far yet?


It has to do with export regulations.


Ahhh thank you, that’s what I was wondering… :frowning:


You can maybe have more information by subscribe at this mailing list : http://eepurl.com/zXI5v present on Soylent campaign.