Avoiding headaches


I eased into 1.4 (one meal a day for the first few days). I had almost an immediate reaction every time: nausea, headaches. I almost felt like I immediately had a fever, like my ears were getting hot, or felt out of body. It was pretty crazy. Outside of Soylent that day, I felt perfectly fine.

Note: I specifically made sure that day I was drinking plenty of water. I tend to drink a lot of water anyway.

I couldn’t continue with 1.4 between the bad taste and the side effects. I’m giving this one more try with 1.5.

Any recommendations for avoiding this? Any idea why it happened?

My usual diet isn’t great, but it’s not terrible. A healthy-ish cereal for breakfast. Maybe a sandwich from Jimmy Johns for lunch. Maybe pizza or rotisserie chicken for dinner. I tend to eat fruit daily. I drink a lot of water. I usually have an almond milk latte (but never have caffeine headaches). I usually do NOT drink soda.

And I never get headaches!


It could be an allergic reaction. Definitely not normal, whatever it is, and you should consult a physician.


Sound unusual to me, too. I agree with Spiff.

Some lot of us get a dull headache when starting on soylent after some time off, but I’m fairly sure it’s because of the boost in potassium/drop in sodium - I get a lot more sodium in my regular food, and I don’t eat nearly enough greens and vegetables, which provide the most potassium. Switching from an excess of sodium and a potassium shortage abruptly causes changes in fluid pressures.

Easing in by having small glasses of Soylent with regular meals works, and regardless, it goes away in a day for me, even if I abruptly go 100% soylent (and does not come back.)

Headache can come with mild nausea, but the symptoms you’re describing, with fever and ears burning, sound pretty extreme…


It’s strange because I’ve never come across an allergic reaction before (to anything). I would almost bet it does have to do with sodium and potassium. My diet is probably super high in sodium, specifically.

I could go to a doctor if it continues, but I have a feeling they’d say, “Why on earth are you eating this stuff?”


@window the very first time I tried Soylent 1.0, i experienced the exact same problems, hot ears, headache, and I even ended up vomiting… From the beginning I suspected it was the potassium that was the problem since it is so high compared to what I get normally (or anyone else for that matter). I am at the point where I think Rosa Labs needs to revisit this value.

One thing you could attempt to make it work would be to add some NaCl (without added Potassium iodide, that is normally added to most salts you can buy in stores) I don’t know how much might make it work, but I suspect around 3 grams for a full pitcher is a start.