Awful gas and other problems with 1.5, really liked 1.4

It took me two short days to adjust to nearly 100% Soylent with 1.4. After that I had no significant gas issues, and found a single serving kept me feeling full for 4-6 hours. Three servings a day was all I needed.

Then came 1.5. Even after a week, I still had bad gas and constant borderline diarrhea. A serving of 1.5 would also leave me feeling hungry again after just an hour or two. Finally I had to quit Soylent.

Here’s hoping that 1.6 comes out soon and is more easily digested.

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If you are interested in a trade, I can give you a month of 1.4 for 1.5.

Thanks for the offer. I have only a few days of 1.5 remaining. I figured I’d eventually use it by alternating with 1.6, assuming my system tolerates 1.6 better.

Gas + diarrhea sounds like digestion issues. You might be able to fix this with a fiber supplement, psyllium husk caps are recommended or a multiple fiber blend. I’d start by taking 6 caps per day spread out at 3 meals, then moving up to 9 if you feel you need it.

You may want to PM @yngh if it’s still available.