Axiom and AIDP Rice Protein Samples?


Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to try out the high mesh rice proteins from either of these companies. Any idea how I would be able to track down some samples? Better yet, does anyone have any idea where I could buy some for my recipe?

I suppose it would be a long shot to ask @JulioMiles. I know that you guys are keeping your supplier under wraps, but I’d greatly appreciate the help!


cant find it now but it seems these were mentioned at one point as only having a mesh size of 50 or 100, but Soylent’s currently has the absolute highest offered, some insane amount like 1000 or 10,000


A few people have said that they strongly believe that Soylent will be using a protein mix from one of these two companies.

One of these companies must have the ultra high mesh.


Soylent uses 1000 mesh rice protein (confirmed by @JulioMiles). Axiom certainly has a product that fits the bill in Oryzatein Ultra. Also, I believe that this protein powder is manufactured in China, which fits with the shipping data that we know so far. I have not looked into AIDP Gabiotein. They may be in the same boat.


I looked at both Axiom and AIDP a while back and both companies offer 1000 mesh, both have manufacturing located in China, both have new versions of BRP that they are specifically marketing as being smooth enough for sports drinks.

What gives Axiom the advantage, to my mind at least, is that they also push their new ‘Patent Pending’ process. Soylent has made a point in the past of saying that their supplier has such a process, and that is why they have been unable to find an acceptable replacement.

My guess would be they are using Axiom, and that AIDP was one of the companies they tried, but could not use.

Couple of interesting interviews here and here.


Axiom has a request samples button… Has anyone tried it?


I just did. Good catch, I didn’t notice that last time I looked, but probably because I’m doing this on my phone. I also sent a request in to AIDP.

I referenced both companies to the DIY site and this thread, hopefully they will take enough interest to come through and reply here as well.


Wow. You guys are kicking ass. Way to go.

I’ll send in a request to both companies as well. Please let me know if you hear anything! I’m particularly interested in trying AIDP’s Gabiotein (as we’re all pretty sure Soylent will be using Axiom).



Well that was easy enough…

I just called AIDP and they’re sending me a sample of all four of their products: 80 percent rice protein concentrate at 150 and 300 mesh AND 90 percent rice protein isolate at 150 and 300 mesh.



Did they also give you information about a minimum purchase amount or a price?


The rep said she would be sending me pricing info via email in the next few hours. I’ll update y’all when I get it!


Awesome. I have seen them listed with 500-1000 mesh also, but I don’t remember where… it was about a month and a half ago… right now the finest size I am finding is on Alibaba, 500 mesh, sold in 1 ton increments.


How large is the sample size of each product?


They did also say Soylent is exclusive customers of the paticular 1000 mesh product.


From looking at AIDP’s bulk supply availability it also looks like this particular Nutribio uses Gabiotein, not sure if the rest of the Nutribio products do though. No mention of mesh size, but I would expect it to be in the 150-300 range.


Still waiting to hear from AIDP, but did hear from Axiom today, they are sending samples my way, 1 pound each of the below.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Rice protein: Oryzatein in 200, 600 and 1000 mesh sizes.

Oryzatein SG-BN, which is said to be even finer than the 1000 mesh above and would be even smoother, it was designed specifically for ‘ready to drink’ products. They have just begun producing this and it is new enough that they said it won’t be seen in products on shelves for 6-12 months.

Pea protein: VegOtein P80

Rice-milk powder: OryzOLait

@vwbugg was it AIDP you spoke to that said they are supplying to Soylent?


Sorry for the confusion. Those darn pronouns strike again. I meant Soylent said that Soylent is an exclusive customer of the particular mesh size of rice protein they are using from the company we don’t know.

From the Soylent 3/13 thread.


Ah, yes they did, I knew that. Just thought you had spoken with the supplier, what with all that was going on in this thread today. Would have been quite funny for the supplier to out themselves.

Given what Axiom said today about the Oryzatein SG-BN I expect that is what we are actually waiting on. The timing is right with it being brand new and not in anything on shelves at this time, Axiom is currently producing it, and Soylent could conceivably be their first customer.


So just as a potential thing to watch out for… @JulioMiles has not explicitly named any company as Soylent’s supplier, nor has the blog – maybe that’s intentional, maybe it’s not, but it’s possible that it means (either) company may prefer not to make the information public just yet (contract terms, etc).

While it’s all well and good that the forum has put together a likely solution from publically available evidence, anyone contacting the suppliers directly may want to take care not to accidentally send the implication that Rosa Labs is advertising their sources. If there’s already a rough patch from the recent delays, irritating it could prove sort of detrimental.


Julio has already said that they will not disclose who their supplier is at this time, I would expect the suppliers to be equally discreet and not disclose even if asked. I do agree that we not give an impression that Rosa has broken any confidence. Requesting samples won’t do that, these suppliers will happily provide samples for any of their products, Axiom makes it as easy as a button press on their site.

While I see the need for their discretion at this point in the process, I do hope that changes once shipping is stable. They have promised to be open with their recipe, etc, and if they decide to withhold some of the ingredients in the end that would be ashame.

I wouldn’t personally have any interest in recreating the official recipe, I’ll just buy Soylent. Knowing sources for better ingredients, which have been better tested through their process, with better nutrient breakdowns, etc would be good for DIY though. Especially in the case of something like this BRP, where the exact brand and product apparently make a profound difference in quality.

Both Soylent and Axiom had to know that the source of the protein would eventually be known. Especially with a community as deeply involved in the process as our group has been, of not only the official release, but such a robust DIY group. After the repeated delays, with a collection of people as are found here who have made a hobby of researching ingredients just like this, we were bound to connect the dots.