Aye believe ma People Chow Premium has just been delivered


Tracking website shows “At Unit”, so when I get home tonight it should be there…Ready to jump in…Wife is waiting for da “official” stuff.

@axcho ,how close to original soylent is people chow premium compared to Shmoylent?


People Chow is actually better :smile:


People Chow being based on Corn Masa has a VERY distinct taste. It’s the opposite of what Soylent is trying to be (from a flavor profile stand point). Official soylent was created to be as bland or neutral if you prefer as possible. People Chow is going to taste like drinking liquid tortillas. It’s not a bad thing if you like tortilla’s. I’m personally on another formula that is ketogenic right now but I miss People Chow because I actually enjoyed the taste, especially with Cinnamon. I’ve had friends though that struggle with PeopleChow because of the mouth feel and flavor profile being them some cognitive dissonance. The combination of that taste and that texture simply doesn’t work for them. Essentially, your experience will vary. I honestly am now more concerned that I would prefer the taste of People Chow to official soylent for example but my friends who struggled with People Chow would likely do a far better with the more neutral tasting Soylent.


I think it tastes like Corn Tamales (which honestly is really the same as tortillas but whatever) - and I really like tamales. Even after 5 months on 3.0.1 (and 1 month before that on 2.3.0) I still like it.


I think @Endtropy did a great job of explaining. The Premium version (ie, low-carb, high-protein) is going to have a bit less corn flavor and a bit more dairy (whey), as well as chia seeds, but similar to the plain People Chow as described.

Schmoylent is almost indistinguishable from Soylent - smooth, neutral vanilla-flavored.

The People Chow recipes are very different - thick/gritty, corn-flavored. Not bad though - for some people the corn is a much more satisfying (savory?) flavor.


I would agree with you on the satisfying portion completely. I am on the fence about abandoning the Ketogenic formula I have been on. I’m eating a greater number of calories now (I was “cutting” about 500 calories a day out of my people chow) and find my self having significantly stronger cravings. Thankfully a lot of ingredients are interchangeable or can be adapted as needed (though what I’m going to do with all this soy lecithin I have no idea).

Basically on my Ketogenic (quids incase anyone is curious) I never feel genuinely satiated. I certainly don’t feel hungry after I drink a bottle but it’s just not the same. When I would drink my people chow (and I loved the thickness, that was one of my favorite parts, so velvety) and I finished I would feel like I just had a good meal. With the Ketofood I just feel not hungry… I would say it’s probably hard for anyone who hasn’t tried both (or some other variations) to know what I mean by that. Basically when I was on chow though I never felt the need to supplement additional food. On Ketofood into the evenings I’m always wanting to eat and unfortunately sometimes I cave in. When I’m on Ketofood for the soul purpose of losing weight thats a bad combination. I think if someone can make Ketofood work it could be a great way to go (assuming you believe in a Ketogenic diet) but for me, coconut flour does not provide either the texture nor the satiety that Corn Masa did. As I write this I think I have convinced myself to drop Ketofood :frowning:


Yeah, honestly official Soylent to me feels the same way - not hungry, but not satisfied. I’ll have to try adding salt though, so no conclusions yet…

I actually just designed my first ketogenic recipe (for a customer) and it tastes okay, but I don’t know how satisfying it would be or not. I guess I’ll be curious to see what feedback I get about it! :wink: