B12 Forms - Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin

I’ve seen it stated in some places that form of B12 common in multi-vitamins, cyanocobalamin, is not a biologically useful form of the vitamin and may be harmful. Apparently methylcobalamin is the way to go. Does anyone have any contrary evidence or good multivitamins which contain methylcobalamin?

I know Garden of Life’s Kind vitamins use methylcobalamin.

It’s good stuff. When I started using Jarrow’s brand sublingual methylcobalamin, I stopped getting canker sores which I’d been getting my whole life. Definitel quality of life improvement.


And you were taking B12 in other forms before? Good to know!
Edit: Do you eat soylent? What does your recipe look like?

I think I was taking some multi vitamins before but they never stopped the canker sores. I had one 2.0 Soylent last night but I’m not drinking it regularly, or making my own.

LEF uses methylcobalamin, both in their premium LE Mix, and in their basic One-Per-Day and Two-Per-Day multis.