Baby formula dispenser


I figured that since baby formula is basically Soylent for babies… maybe there are some useful baby formula tools out there we could also use for regular Soylent.

I found this which could be a nice way to dispense Soylent in even measurements without causing a mess:

Combined with this oil measuring tool could be good for making ‘1 portion’ of Soylent quickly:

I also found this ‘one step food maker’ which could work well if the heating could be turned off.


I might use this for my additives…


That MinuNeat is brilliant. I didn’t understand how it worked by looking at the picture, and there aren’t any reviews for it on Amazon yet. But I found this video demonstration. Now I understand why it’s sold in a 2-pack! Any kitchen could use several! (Well, a pure-Soylent kitchen might only need one. :sunny:)

Edit: here’s the video:


The only problem with the Baby Brezza would be that it heats the formula. I don’t think that would work with Soylent.

I like the way you’re thinking though…


Darn, another thing that Amazon won’t ship to Canada!



It looks like the maximum amount MinuNeat releases is much too small. The biggest it says it will do is 3 time 3.5 tsp. That is 10.5 tsp. A cup is 48 tsp. I do about 3.25 cups of my DIY at a time (4 a day). That would take just under 15 times. It looked pretty good until I ran the numbers.


I wonder how many new pregnancies Amazon is predicting because of this thread? Or have our searches for blender bottles and insulated bottles already pegged us as soylenteers?


My favorite way to eat solyent especially in the morning is using my coffee maker to put hot water in a cup and mix the soilent in and it makes a cream of wheat consistency. Nothing better than a hot meal for breakfast :slight_smile:


What about this new device? Seems the DIYer’s could use something like this…


This is really good. Wish I hadn’t cancelled my order.