Back in time for dinner


I’ve just watched a television series which was about how we in Britain used to cook and eat from the 1950’s to today and it’s a real eye opener. In the '50’s hours were spent each day procuring and cooking food and as the decades passed things got easier as we got used to convenience foods and kitchen gadgets.

In some respects, there has never been such a variety of foods available to us while at the same time, we’ve never eaten such an unhealthy diet. I remember clearly when pot noodles came out in the 1970’s and this was touted as the ultimate in convenience foods. You just added boiling water to the carton, waited five minutes for it to hydrate the ingredients and you had a meal. It wasn’t particularly nice but importantly, it was super quick and convenient.

It doesn’t come as a great surprise that in the middle of the second decade there is something even more convenient than that and it is soylent. It does away with the inconvenience of boiling the water and waiting for the ingredients to hydrate. The big difference is that it contains all the nutrition the body needs. I’ve been on the soylent diet for months now and it really is the ultimate convenience food and frees up hours of time for something else.