Back on Soylent and loving it

Hey all,

I had a lengthy break from Soylent (mostly due to my husband having every kind of junk food in the house).

Recently my doctor helped me to realize that my diet was putting me in danger and I decided to go back to Soylent as my staple food.

As before, the results are fantastic; having been back on Soylent (Soylent 2,0, Coffiest, and Soylent Bars) for 20 days now, I have:

  1. Lost 18lbs (all fat)
  2. Reduced my need for sleep aids by 50%
  3. Feeling better every day

Thanks so very much Soylent for you fantastic product.



Now if you can just get the husband on board (or maybe make him store his junk food at work?), you’re golden!

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