Back on the DIY wagon


I’m back on Hippie Juice and loving it all over again! I’ve made my recipes private, and they’re in bad shape because I’ve been trying to replace the protein and ModCarb powders with sprouted soybeans and wheat. GROSS!

The DIY app says I need about a cup each of soybeans and wheat every day. The only way I could get this past my lips would be to juice it. I tried that and it wasn’t bad, but I don’t won’t to invest in a slow juicer right now.

I was missing Hippie Juice, eating junk. A local vegan coffee shop (can you imagine?) began selling real doughnuts. It’s not fair! I thought I’d eliminated temptation.

I felt fine again after just a few days, It’s really not juice these days, more the consistency of baby food. I scoop it out of my Ninja blender with a little spatula, like in Idiocracy . So satisfying.