Backed, subscribed, then had to cancel. Just reordered, now what?


Obligatory @soylent tag

I originally backed Soylent back in April of this year for a 1 week supply. After a couple months of waiting, I created a subscription in June for recurring 2 week supply.

Unfortunately, in July I had a series of unfortunate circumstances, so I had to eventually cancel and request a refund. I really wanted to try Soylent, but I couldn’t wait and I needed to buy food, etc.

Now that I’m on better footing (for now!) I created a 1 week subscription.

Question: Any ideas when I would actually receive an order? I tried emailing and they told me I was SOL and would have to wait. Is this so?


I had a moderately similar experience.

I ordered 1 week just after the “official” backing stage ended.

Then ordered another 2 weeks over the summer.

When mine arrived, my roommate wanted it, and I decided to upgrade to a full month. So I canceled my order and upgraded to 4 weeks instead of 2. It shipped within 2 weeks, so I got the “re-order” timeline instead of the new one.

Not sure how it’ll end up, but this is what happened to me!


If you never actually received your first order because you cancelled then I believe at this time you would be considered a new customer. So whatever the wait time for new customers is would be where you fall. We can tag @soylent here for more clarification.


My guess is that they’d be correct, since it is their company and we wouldn’t know more about it than they do. :wink: On that note though, I agree with them on that. If you cancelled your order, and then decided to order again later, you should be placed in the queue based on your later order date, IMO. But it is entirely up to the company, not us here in this comment site. :slight_smile:


I hope you’re right.

I’ve resorted to trying DIY (kind of annoying, doesn’t taste right) and buying official off eBay (way too expensive). I have at least one diagnosed digestive disease, and even with the… ahem… excess gas, I wasn’t in pain. Finally!

I really want to be able to supplement my diet with Soylent, but so far it’s being difficult. I’m not made of money. I can’t subscribe AND buy off eBay while waiting. I can either continue to buy from eBay, which is twice as expensive, or create an official subscription and hope normal food doesn’t hurt while I wait. Which… is kinda what I just did.

Welp, here’s to waiting!


Sadly for you, dannyready’s situation is not similar to yours as he received his 1st order and then later cancelled the next one to make it bigger, so he was considered a returning customer. You never received your first order, so you are thus considered a new customer as Soylent told you in your email with them.


Unfortunately this is the case – since you cancelled before any of your orders/subscriptions shipped, you are identified as a new customer by the system. Thanks very much for your patience, we plan on achieving real-time fulfillment soon.