Backerkit Canadian Question



I funded Soylent from the start, buying the monthly amount for 210. Now in the email, it says that “Placed order before June 25 (original campaign): December 2013” but also " International: Q1 2014". Would Canada be considered as international, and therefore ship later? Right now I see that in the Backerkit survey that Canada is in the same section of the dropdown menu as the United States and United Kingdom, so I’m not quite sure if shipping will be delayed. I don’t mind paying the extra 40 for shipping though.


Hi, Canadian orders are considered international, but it’s fair to assume that they will be the first international orders shipped out. Thanks for your support and patience!


Good to know us Canadians will be getting the first international orders. I was considering having my soylent shipped to the U.S. and picking it up but I wont bother if I will likely be recieving my shipment in Jan. Only takes me about 10 min to get to a U.S. shipping depot if theres no traffic on the bridge.


I was planning on doing the same just to save 40 dollars. Which US shipping depot were you thinking on?


Hi @JulioMiles. I’ve looked around for an update for when BackerKit International/BackerKit Canada orders might begin to be fulfilled.

Can you express some sort of official statement here?



I believe the latest estimates have been around early 2015 for international shipping


Seems a bit silly as we’re on the same continent… but is there at least an estimated date for international orders?


Early 2015 is the most solid date they’ve given out.


I’ve read this comment from you @j8048188 before, and the reason I started this thread was to ask for an official reply. Are you able to cite your statement? I haven’t found anything that verifies this beyond your statement.

I would accept a similar statement from @JulioMiles as the forum indicates Julio is employed by Soylent. (But I would still request a firmer date if possible.)


Julio has stated that they are hoping to start international shipping before the end of the year, but that there is a significant chance it won’t be until 2015.

They are not getting any more specific than that right now and have said they cannot give a firmer date. Sorry to disappoint, but @j8048188 has given you the best answer for now.


2015 has been said on the official Twitter account too.


Very late reply, didnt see this until now, thread just got bumped. I will be using Bluewater Shipping Depot in Port Huron, Mi. There are shipping depots all along the border.


Back in July of 2013 I ordered a month’s supply of Soylent. Because of my Canadian address I am still waiting, without much excitement any longer.
Is there an estimate better than “early 2015”?

To whom do I direct a request for refund if there isn’t a decent answer?


Contact In the subject line put international refund. A wile back they put out a notice the international backers were being refunded.