Backerkit distribution query


Hey there! So, I’ve read on here that people who ordered their Soylent after the Backerkit closed wont be getting the starter kits… Well, what does the starter kit include? I ordered mine in January of this year, and my page says I am getting “1 month of Soylent 1 airtight Soylent pitcher.” So, my main question is, am I getting a starter kit, just Soylent, or something in between?

Thanks for the help.


If it says you are getting the pitcher that and a measuring scoop is the “starter kit”.


The starter kit is the airtight pitcher and a custom made measuring scoop. I don’t recall, but the scoop was either 1/2 serving or 1 serving of Soylent, were as the whole bag is 3 servings.


The scoop is a half serving.

I’m not sure, but it sounds like not only do all pre-orders get a starter kit; every person who orders Soylent will get pitcher and scoop with their first delivery.


Quotes make everything better.


Yeah, everyone gets a starter kit. We want all of our new customers to have the best possible Soylent experience and the pitcher+scoop help guarantee that.


@JulioMiles - I ordered extra pitchers as I’ll be sharing my Soylent order with friends and family. Do those come with the scoops, or am I only getting one scoop? I didn’t see an option to order add-on starter kits or scoops, only pitchers and extra Soylent.