Backerkit Extras?


Good Morning, All!

Way back when we first got the backerkit invites, I completed mine with the addition of an extra pitcher. Now I’ve received my Soylent (well, one box of it, the other has gone MIA in shipping) but no word yet as to the extra pitcher I had purchased via the backerkit site.

Has anyone received their extras yet? Was there an update on this shipment process that I missed? I searched the forums, but all I could find was info stating some items were cancelled due to not meeting their minimum purchases requirement.

Thanks and have a great day!



Yeah we got our extra pitcher a couple weeks or so after the starter kit. If you haven’t gotten yours I would definitely follow up, it may have gone MIA.


I have the same issue. I sent an email to info@soylent asking them about my missing pitcher but I’m still waiting on a reply from them…


I had the same issue. I mentioned it in the official shipping/fulfillment thread and Julio got one shipped. Might want to tag him here or mention it in that thread.


So um, @JulioMiles, dem pitchers? My fiance is making due without hers, but I mostly just want to know what the plan is with the pitchers…


@Jeroen @livingparadox both your pitchers will ship tomorrow. thanks for your patience!


I’m passively wondering a little about the backerkit T-shirts.

Currently I’m sort of assuming that they’re being prioritized after the actual orders, and will generally start being sent out once shipping stabilizes a little more. That being said, since I know the info@soylent email is horribly swamped, I might as well post a reply in this relevant thread –

Julio, once t-shirts become visible on the horizon, there should be an email from me with a new address floating around the system. I figure there’s not a definite answer coming for “how long”, but I would like to make sure that when it happens it goes out to the right place :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: I look forward to it


Thank you, @JulioMiles! I greatly appreciate your continued hard work!


Waiting on an extra pitcher as well, haven’t seen a notification but I have faith that the Soylent team hasn’t forgotten about the add-ons just yet.


@JulioMiles I got my soylent 15 days ago and still haven’t received my extra pitcher from the backerkit portion. I emailed but haven’t received a response. My wife is going to be traveling this summer, so I really need that extra pitcher. Any chance of an update?


I also haven’t gotten my pitcher. Basically given up, haven’t heard back after 11 days.


Thanks Soylent support team! Finally got the shipping notice for the pitcher, faith restored.


@xanthus29 your pitcher went out last week!

@Aracham your pitcher will ship out tomorrow!

both, apologies for the delayed shipping on these.


No worries, I appreciate how mad this rollout and scaling must be.