Backerkit general discussion


Just a thread for general discussion on the Backerkit packages, add-ons, etc.

What do people think of the new Soylent merchandise? I’m debating between the steel and the blender bottle myself. Blender is more compact, but the steel does have an aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, the lid on the blender bottle suggests it might not really be meant as an on-the-go bottle, and attempts to use it as such could end in spills and disaster – can anyone who’s used one confirm/dispute that?

The tumblers are also a nice touch. I think I’ll pick up a set if just for the visual appeal :smiley:

Just a few questions for @JulioMiles on backerkit details:

  • Should we assume that all of the items offered in the backerkit page will show up in the later ecommerce store, or is there anything that’s limited/backer only?
  • Are the kits locked to the current list, or may they be “updated” with new offerings later? (I know I’ve read at least one post from someone hoping to buy an extra pitcher)
  • In the event that some items are ready earlier than others (say, Soylent is all done but the hoodie factory has been overrun by Mothra), would items simply be shipped individually as available, or is there some Backerkit/Crowdtilt/cost requirement for everything per-order to be shipped together?


Thanks for creating this, @shadowhawkxx.

  • We plan to make all of these items available in our full web store, but that’s not a guarantee. If I had to guess which will probably only be offered through Backerkit, it’d probably be the coozie :smile:
  • The list of add-ons is definitely flexible, I did add the pitcher earlier today and we may add more items in the future.
  • Items will probably be shipped largely individually.


On the very last step of the Backerkit process, there is a notice “Sign back into BackerKit and make changes any time before November 20, 2013!” Does this mean that shipping of the first backerkits will happen around Thanksgiving time?