Backerkit invites still planed for today?


Topic title says it all. Blog post indicates invites would be rolling out today (Monday). Any update from @JulioMiles on if that’s still the plan or did it need to get pushed out for some reason?


They’ll be rolled out over the course of a week or so, starting today.


I vote alphabetical order. LOL


I vote largest backers first in the order they pledged :wink:


It’s Tuesday. Has anyone received a backerkit email?


JUST got mine. Post must be at least 20 characters long.


I have just received mine. Very easy and straightforward.


IT’S HAPPENING!!! :grin:

@JulioMiles if we ordered another 3 months now (I’m in the US) do you have a rough idea when it would arrive? I have three months on order now, I just want to make sure that if I ordered a couple of months in, that it is likely it would be seamless?


They might arrive a few days/weeks apart, but both will probably ship together.


@JulioMiles If I don’t add another month’s worth of Soylent with my Backerkit order (originally ordered 1 month,) will I be able to order another month’s worth later and have a continuous supply, or will I have a break in supply?


Julio has said multiple times on the forums that once you get your first shipment of soylent, you will be able to continue to get it uninterrupted.