Backpacking trip, need premixed whole-foods Soylent alternative

Hey Discourse,
So i’m planning a 2 week backpacking trip to the Los Padres National Forest in June, and I’m exploring some meal replacement options to propel me through my trip and hopefully allow me to avoid eating freeze-dried meals over a camping stove 3 times a day.

Soylent 1.7 powder seems pretty great, however, I am very sensitive to the amount of quick burning carbohydrates in the mix and I would really like to avoid anything that is not made from whole foods, and has slow burning carbs only.

Ample was the first that came to mind, but I will not be able to carry a massive amount of bottles with me, so I would prefer to have something premixed, fats included, and in individual space bags.

Does anybody have any good whole foods alternatives that meet these parameters? Something keto would be awesome, but I’m pretty much realizing this might make it too difficult.

[quote=“muhpinealglands, post:1, topic:27041”]I would really like to avoid anything that is not made from whole foods.[/quote]You have come to the wrong place.

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If cost is no issue, Primalkind may be perfect for you. It’s based in Australia so postage may not be cheap (or fast enough), but if you can get it in time, it’s a complete, whole foods based ketogenic soylent.

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The two I know of that are made from whole foods are these:

(Note: both are more expensive because they are made with whole foods.)

I am not sure if they fulfill your other requirements about carbs and such or not, but you could likely find the nutrition info pretty easily.

Edit: It looks like this one might be whole food as well if you are in Europe. (I can’t easily tell):

There are a bunch more listed at but you would need to look through them individually because whole food is not a filter you can select.


thanks guys these will be perfect

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lel yea I don’t really care about the whole/natural vs artificial argument. I drink Soylent occasionally and couldn’t care less where the ingredients came from as long as they’re FDA approved. However, I enjoy whole-foods blends for non political reasons I guess you could say. They tend to have more ingredients I like

Europeans also have Nutberg and Bertrand for whole-foods mixes.