Bad Batch - made me ill

I’ve just had at least two bottles of “bad” Soylent. I drink 140 bottles per month so I know what normal Soylent tastes like, and these made me almost throw up afterwards. Something in them is bad. I’m hoping it was just one box. The lid on a cap from one of the bad bottles says:

6039P7FPA JP
03:55 SLGRM2

(That first 6 might be a “G”?)

I believe I have at least one more “bad” one if you’d like me to mail it to you. I’m not drinking any more that have that same stamp on the lid.

Don’t let people drink any from that batch. I still feel ill.

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Damn, the next 6 boxes have the same markings. :frowning:

Karma. Did you make somebody ill in your past life? :wink:

Did you email customer service:


Had the same thing, back to real food

GRM12PK00055 FEB 10 17 02:42 6039P7FPA (wrong taste) milk and worcestershire sauce
horrible after taste. made me sick

GRM12PK00055 FEB 12 17 03:25 6043P7FPA (wrong taste) milk and worcestershire sauce no after taste. made me very sick.

Any time I switched back to the January batch I was fine.

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I did (actually I used the feedback form on the Contact Us page - I didn’t know the email address), and they got back to me today to send me a replacement. The box I had at work is from the older JAN1617 batch so at least I had something to eat today.

I’m glad the company has such a good customer service department.

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Wow, just getting ready to give it a first try…now I’m concerned! :weary:

Then thought I would try the powder but didn’t want to spend that much for my initial purchase :disappointed:

I wouldn’t let this incident stop you from trying Soylent. I’ve been drinking it five bottles a day pretty much every day since January 24th, and they’ve all been excellent except these last two and my very first bottle of 2.0 (I think it just took me two bottles to get used to the taste). That first time though was just taste - this was something else. The company is doing the right thing though, I’m getting a replacement, and it looks like it’ll be from a later batch.

I tried one of the powder ones a long time ago at my friend’s house and disliked it intensely. 2.0 is much much better in my opinion, although I don’t know which version I had tried back then (so I’ll admit I’m a bit curious about the taste of 1.5). Friends I know that have tried both insist 2.0 is way better though.

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Thanks, I guess I just seen a little too many negative things about it today. I had just got done reading about the mold issue they had late last year and then seen your post…kind of turned me off a bit! Everything I’ve read about the taste though has been pretty positive so I’ll give it a try! :thumbsup:

Thanks, hope you feel better soon!

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I just recently got some 1.5 and it was great.


The mold issue has been solved (as far as I’m aware) when they put foil seals on the containers.
I would completely recommend 2.0.


Thanks but I think I’m going to start out with the 2.0…:wink:

Thanks I’m going to go with the 2.0…:wink:

It’s all personal choice, but 2.0 leaves me more hungry and I crash on it, 1.5 actually fills me up and leaves me satiated, though everyone is different … lately even 1.5 doesn’t do it for me anymore and I’m off looking for alternatives

Cue the Kenny G sax…

haha, awesome! Sexy sax man, anyone?


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I am majorly upset. I had this LP, which had this image as a three-panel pullout.

Apparently I gave it away.


So I just received my first order and came back to check the #'s on my box and now I’m concerned that I have one of the bad batches as there is only one number and the time that is different than one of your bad batches. Now I’m very hesitant to try these out since I’ve never had Soylent I wouldn’t have any idea between what a good or bad batch tastes like.

GRM12PK00058 FEB 12 17 15:07 6043P7FPA

Any thoughts?