Bad Farts on Soylent 1.5

Ever since Soylent 1.5 came out I’ve been getting really bad farts from using it. Although sometimes I seem to be fine. Anyone else experiencing this? I didn’t have this problem with 1.4. (Nor with 2.0)

Maybe some of the new ingredients?

For both 1.4 and 1.5, I have been adding whey and metamucil (psyllium husk, fiber) to my drinks. However, for 1.5 I increased the amounts a bit to compensate for the change in 1.5’s nutritional profile.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’m guessing it’s either the new ingredients or the whey/metamucil (which I added when I was drinking 1.4 as well).

Yep, I had bad gas on all versions except 2.0.

What percentage of Soylent is your diet?
I only had bad gas when I first started Soylent, and after I take a break and consume normal food.

I can only go 67% Soylent 1.5 without totally making my home unlivable. At 67% I have some days that might be bad for a little while. Worse than I would like but acceptable. Soylent 2.0 has been great, but cost is an issue. Hopefully Soylent 1.6 (or whatever they name the powder) will be fart free.

I’ve been looking around for some thoughts on the flatulence issue as well. I ran a search and only found one primary thread on the farting issue - The (Un-)Official Fart Thread - but the thread has been abandoned for the past year (since Jan '15).

My ass is practically a leaking air compressor. Seriously. I could probably run my car on it (if it weren’t electric, bah).

It’s humiliating around coworkers. Simethicone is completely ineffective. I tend to mix Soylent (1.5) with my traditional diet of “seriously awful things” (fast food, junk food, etc; I got onto Soylent after acknowledging my bad diet but not being interested in any “healthier” foods). I’d say it’s about 40-50% of my diet right now. Some days as low as 1 meal (20-25%) and some as much as 3 meals (surrounded by snacks). It’s been about, maybe, 3 months since I started with Soylent, too. But the latest batch seems to provide the worst of the gas.

Never any stomach pains or discomfort (except the somewhat bloated feeling), but just… constant… day and night… trumpets. I think my nose has even become a bit desensitized to it, which is even more humiliating (I know THEY can smell that nastiness!). And it’s a horrible “advertisement” to Soylent since coworkers are fairly well aware of the correlation between “I get the Soylent out of the office fridge and pour a serving of it” and “that smell, oh god”.


I’m always surprised when I read posts about people who get smelly gas from Soylent yet KEEP DRINKING IT even when they have a regular job to go to with OTHER PEOPLE AROUND. Jeeze. Even if you don’t have a job to go to, there is still family, friends, dating etc. Sure, I understand giving it a week or two to see if the body adjusts but if it doesn’t, surely Soylent ain’t for you. (At least not that version)

Might you consider:

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Well, hell. Guess I ought to just go back to Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, McDonald’s & Co., then. Seems that “healthy” Soylent just can’t beat my traditional diet of the past 10 years. :frowning:

Seriously though, I thought there would be some particular supplement that’s worked well for people. I might just try Beano next. I really don’t want to go back to blindly consuming fast-food with no regard for flavor or health consequences. Other than fast food, I really have no taste for any other, more expensive or labor-intensive food, and that’s exactly why I found Soylent to be such a great fit.

If just not for the constant outflow of toxic gas.

Beano (or generic equivalents) helped some users of earlier iterations of Soylent. It’s worth a try.

So far the only thing that has helped me, and I have tried almost everything, is Soylent 2.0. @FalconFour have you tried that? As I mentioned, for me I can just get by with Soylent 1.5 at 67%. I would love to switch to Soylent 2.0 but haven’t yet because of the cost and a backlog of Soylent 1.5.

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Cost, and waste. I’m perfectly fine mixing the 1.5, and don’t need the overly-convenient bottle format. I was on the fence with Soylent at its original price (I started with 1.5 at, what was it, $79/7 bags?), but when it got its price-cut, it was a no-brainer cost-benefit equation. I’ve got an order of Beano on the way (yes, I’m a cheap Amazon SOB), so I hope it makes a good improvement. :smile:

Hmm I had forgotten about Beano! I’ll order some and try it.

However, I sometimes get bad farts on 1.5, and sometimes don’t. It would be ideal to not require consumption of beano before every meal as a precaution though!

Alternatively, adding a healthy bit of cinnamon can help … or at least give the illusion there’s a Cinnabon nearby when the mighty wind striketh… :wink:


‘’ I would love to switch to Soylent 2.0 but haven’t yet because of the cost and a backlog of Soylent 1.5.’’

Why dont you put your 1.5 to sale (there are people who can digest it without issues) and buy more 2.0. I remember having you said you earn around 100k per year. 2.0 is also healthier in my opinion.

Answering the question from @Tark… Luckily I have a wife who I can’t convince to that spending more money than we make is a bad thing. The last couple months have been about $500 over our income. Obviously I have huge issues with this. :cry:

Don’t worry about me though. I will make it work. I’ve decided to think of 2.0 as a short term cost before the updated powder comes out. I’ve currently got 2 weeks of 2.0 sitting under the desk next to me and 3 weeks of 1.5. I also have some amount of DIY I’ve been working through.

On the fart side of things. I just had a horrendous fart day followed by an almost no fart day. Like is good.

I’ve had this in past and i’ve solved it myself. I consume 1/2 bag a day and this ends up being consumed with 4 to 5 glass fulls of soylent a day. And what I found is I used to shake up my soylent in the supplied jar with lid and then pour into my glass. This fashion I am also injesting massive amounts of air. When I researched where farts come from I found a lot is from the air we swallow in various ways. Fast forward and now I consume soylent in the glass after it’s sat burping bubbles for 5 minutes.

Going on 3 months no farts, Soylent 1.5 saving my bank account for car parts.

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This does not work for me. I’ve let Soylent 1.5 sit overnight and poured into cup and let sit for 1/2 hour and still get horrible farts. I am happy you solved your problem, I’m just not sure it will work for anybody else. So far my only solution is to use Soylent 2.0. Hopefully Soylent 1.6 will solve the gas problems and I can get by with the cheaper stuff powder.

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Glad to see it works for you haha - I stir soylent with a spoon and don’t really see a lot of air being incorporated D:

I’m not sure beano works for me either

I do notice that the bad farts come after 2-3 servings of soylent a day though. With 1 it’s not that apparent.

I am currently at 67% Soylent and 33% DIY. That is the MOST I can drink and still keep my family.

I’ve tried the different anti-gas grocery store medications and none have had any affect.

Hopefully 1.6 will come out soon. When my DIY runs out I will do 33% Soylent 2.0.

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I have found that having unhealthy foods, greasy, salty, sweet will start my gas. I normally do breakfast, lunch and maybe an evening snack and finish off the night with veggies, rice/quinoa and chicken. I also notice if I stop drinking for a day or longer than normal, I will start with the gas. I had very little gas when starting, then work and life, and substituted a smoothie or mcdonalds for a meal or more…boom, GAS GAS GAS! lol
I will see if it is the food I eat with it, or the time not drinking it is the issue. And yeah, I havent found anything that works. I use probiotics and lots of water and beano, gas-x,and some other one. Nothing works.
Been on Soylent 1.5 for about a month and only a few days w bad gas.