Bad gas from 1.5 but never had from 1.4

I have had bad gas to the point of having to stop soylent, which isn’t fun. 1.4 was perfect for me. I felt great, it was cheap, and healthy. Most of all, I didn’t chase all my coworkers away with the aftermath.

I hope that 1.6 addresses these issues. I am wondering what change could have caused this?


I think that this is experienced by very few people, so it is unlikely to be deliberately fixed.

Is it possible that some clash with your normal foods is causing this?

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As was described in the official 1.5 release a number of new ingredients where added.

cellulose gum
canola oil powder

Any of these can be the culprit. Your body may just not like one or more of them.

No it can’t be other mixed foods as I was trying a soylent only diet with both. And also eating normally with both. I didn’t have any issue with 1.4 with or without other foods.

This is a bad case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” for me… :frowning:

I wish they would provide multiple versions still. If it is really very few people, the inventory lasts two years, so making enough for these few people shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m sure there were other people that felt the same way about 1.3 to 1.4 etc. it’s making me sad because I loved the idea of soylent.

You can find loads of 1.4 for sale on eBay if you prefer to purchase it over 1.5. Perhaps that will last you long enough until 1.6 comes out. Also, you probably can find someone to swap their 1.4 for your remaining 1.5 in the Soylent swap thread.


Wow thanks! Ok I will buy some 1.4 then yes awesome!

I found that I could go 100% with some batches of Soylent 1.4. But the last 2 months worth of 1.4 I could only go 67% without gas issues.

In any case you could try breakfast + lunch as I do. That leaves me pretty much gas free. I then use my remaining DIY soylent for dinner. I would much rather be 100% Soylent, but I am reasonably happy I can get 2/3 of my calories for it.

I’m on day 2 of v. 1.5…and yeah: terrible gas. The version change has been the only change to my daily diet (95+% soylent). The gas smells so bad, I’m offended by myself. :-\

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I have bad gas from both 1.4 and 1.5.

That is somewhat consistent. What I said was unusual above was that someone said 1.4 was perfect but 1.5 gave them bad gas.

How was your experience with 1.3, or had you tried that?

I get smelly gas from both, even from one meal a day.

I have only tried 1.4 and 1.5.

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I have used every version since launch. 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2 were terrible on gas. 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 have been great - NO GAS! Not sure what is happening for you, but I am ecstatic.

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Same exact thing for me. I had gas on 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.5, but no gas on 1.4. Alpha-galactosidase pills (like Beano) helped for me on all the versions that gave me gas.

Hopefully they fix this in the future, so Beano isn’t needed anymore.

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I’ve not needed Beano since 1.2. 1.5 has been no trouble.

Just curious, have you tried mixing your Soylent and soylent to make a single batch rather than making separate batches daily? If it tastes good I’d think it would be more convenient, and hopefully would still be gas free for you.

I haven’t tried mixing Soylent and soylent, but don’t think it would work. I’m having issues with V1.4 or at least Lot C of V1.4. I was able to go 100% using Lot L(?) of V1.4. I did go 100% with V1.5 for 3 days with no horrible gas. I’ve got another 10 days of V1.4 so I’m just working my way through that. Hopefully my 3 day experiment with V1.5 is valid. I’m still happy to be able to do 67% Soylent. I will be ecstatic to be able to do 100% again. :smile:

Me too, never had any problems with 1.4, 30% per day. 1.5 gave terrible gas straight away, it happens within a short time of ingestion. I will have to stop taking Soylent due to this.

People had gas on 1.0,1.1,1.2, some on 1.5 and 1.3, and a couple of them one on 1.4. And canola was the common ingredient in all of these…that wasnt in 1.4 (correct me if i am wrong people). So if the ingredient is canola oil, could it be the culprit atleast for most of them?