Bad new bottle design, bad new flavor


As a long time Soylent fan, I’m going to be honest here: The new bottle is terrible, and the new flavor vanilla has a sickening chemical undertone. Perhaps the taste was altered as a result of the fact that adhesive is now being used, since there is a foil seal on the inside of the bottle cap. I say this as a possibility only because of reports I’ve read that people drinking Cacao in the new bottles have noticed this same problem as well, which saddens me because I drink Cacao exclusively. So far I am still receiving squircle bottles from Amazon, but I fear that the next shipment may finally be the new bottle design. The larger problem is, in my opinion, the possibility that this adhesive may be altering the taste of other flavors as well.

Quite frankly I would take the harder to open squircle bottles, which only required one step and had no chemical taste lingering, instead of this new larger bottle with 3 steps to open, a bottle opening that feels weird to drink out of, and an adhesive that seems to be altering the taste. I will withhold my own personal judgment on Cacao until I get Cacao in the new bottles, but I promise you I will move on from Soylent if it ends up having a subtly toxic taste to it. Like come on people, you want to make money yeah? Listen to your damn customers. :man_shrugging:t2:

New bottle Cacao tastes different
Bad taste in cacao bottles

I’ve had 3.5 Vanillas now (bout to have another) and I really like it. Prob my current fave. The extra steps in opening the bottle sucks but I personally only consider it a very minor inconvenience.

(Also, let us all remember that taste buds are not universal).


I’m in a similar boat as you, @LightOfKorra . It seems most longtime users hate the new bottle design, myself included. The new design is particularly horrible with Vanilla since it’s glossy and as a result slippery from condensation if you keep the bottles in the fridge. That makes it way more difficult to open. However, they won’t revert to the old bottles because they say the supplier of the sqround bottle isn’t able to keep up with demand :confused:

I agree the vanilla flavor is sickening, and I’m glad I got just one box. I feel this flavor and the Cafe Vanilla flavor seem to leave me with a brief sore throat sensation for a few seconds after taking a sip, and I’m not sure why (or if that’s the chemical taste you experience). That happens to me with just these two flavors, and I’ve tried all of them. I don’t experience this with any other vanilla flavored food, so it’s not that, either.

I’m not sure if it’ll be the case with you, but I feel Cacao tastes more or less the same in both the old and new bottles, so I don’t think the new bottle alters the flavor, thankfully. However, YMMV.


I also noticed a weird taste in the Original flavor. For me it tastes like the smell of plastic bags. Thick black plastic bags. That is the best way I can describe it. It is subtile, mostly an after taste, but kinda ruined the experience for me. I’ve been drinking way less soylent since the new bottles came up, only when I’m in a hurry or too lazy to prepare a meal, while before I was drinking two bottles every day. Hope they fix this, I really enjoyed the previous squround bottle.


I think the taste difference between the Cacao 2.0 old bottle and new is profound. I don’t like the new flavor.

However, I doubt it is the bottle itself that is the cause of the taste difference. My understanding is that the new bottle formulation is made in a different factory than the old, and that’s why they needed the new bottle design, because the new factories weren’t capable of producing the squircle bottles.

So I think the difference in flavor is coming from other subtle things that the new factory is doing differently than the old. In my experience since starting out as an early Soylent 1.0 adopter, Rosa Labs has always struggled with quality control and consistency. One batch can taste wildly different than another, perhaps depending on where it was made and exactly where they source the ingredients from. On the powder version, the taste seems consistent, but the texture varies considerably in terms of grit level from one batch to the next.

So most likely, this is just another manifestation of their ongoing difficulty keeping taste consistent across different manufacturing locations.

P.S. If you order through Amazon right now, you’ll still get the squircle bottles.


Frankly I don’t understand all the grumpiness that the new bottle has aroused. It doesn’t seem all that different to me. I prefer the old bottle design too (and the stronger flavor that Cafe Mocha used to have), but the difference is not that great. Is it the fact that you have to peel off a foil seal? That is a bit of an irritation but at least you know that RL is doing all it can to prevent contamination.


Nope, for me it is just the flavor. The design is not as nice and I don’t really mind the seal, but I can’t shake off this taste of plastic (not so much chemical, but anyway) specially from the original Soylent. But that is just me, if you can’t taste the difference that is good news for you! I whish I couldn’t taste it either. :confused:


Amazon just sent me the new bottle, I was caught off guard by the new taste to the extent that I came here to see if anyone else was having the same issue. Anyone know if every new bottle tastes the same way in a box/across boxes? I’m debating cancelling my subscription until I can be sure it’s fixed.

I’m fine with changes to the bottles in and of themselves; this isn’t the first time they’ve changed them and I just expect companies to change the look of their products overtime.


Holy cow, it’s true! I read a couple folks on this forum blame the new bottle for the bad flavour and thought it was silly but a new box of Chai arrived this week in the new bottle. It’s absolutely true – the same nasty aftertaste that came with Strawberry and Vanilla, both of which I pre-ordered, both of which I dislike because of this new aftertaste – that same nasty aftertaste is now part of Chai, too, apparently because of the new bottle.

@Soylent, please! I don’t know if you changed the formula when you went to the new bottle / factory / whatever but that bitter chemically aftertaste is absolutely driving me away. I won’t order any new product until I read other folks’ experience that it’s no longer an issue.

PS I’m actually a little afraid to order more powder since reading that the 1.9 formula is sweeter than 1.8, which I already think is pretty sweet.


I have a feeling Vanilla would have tasted better if it was released in the squircle bottle. If I were Soylent I would probably have continued using squircle bottles in conjunction with the new bottles just to see how people like the new bottle and subsequently if there are any problems with the new bottling process (which in this case it would appear there are given the number of complaints). Then they would have an easier time reverting to just squircle bottle until the new bottling process is fixed, because otherwise now their product tastes horrible and who wants to drink something that tastes like chemicals? It’s a bad situation.

Pick up the phone @soylent_team and call squircle back, you’ve got to keep the squircles coming until you fix this or you may risk losing a lot of customers. This is far worse than Nectar, because it affects all flavors.


One thing you might keep in mind – no one has complained about the bottles with the powdered product!


I could not agree with you more. I just can not like the Cafe Vanilla out of the new bottle.

  1. Takes too long to open the bottle. All that peeling, twisting…
  2. Because of the shape of the bottle, the drink doesn’t have the similar texture that squircle bottles delivered. It’s blended too much, feels too thin.

BIGGEST ISSUE: I liked this drink because it always reminded me of a thick vanilla latte or a good vanilla ice cream with coffee. Something has changed, it does not remind me of a pleasant coffee drink anymore. I will drink it but do I look forward to it? NOPE.


Another thing about opening the new bottles is (especially now that the newer new bottles are all glossy instead of matte) if you keep them in the fridge, then take them out, the condensation (even if you wipe it off) makes it way more difficult than it needs to be to open them. There’s way too little friction in that case–something from the squircle bottles never suffered (I never thought those were too difficult to open–usually, anyway). The squircle bottle lids were never covered in glossy wrapper, though.

At the very least, not wrapping the lid in the glossy wrapper would be something (both for the wasteful aspect, as well as user experience).


Long time Soylent drinker here. These new bottles cut up the inside of my lips. The inside edge of the rim is consistently jagged and abrasive. I haven’t noticed a taste difference in my cacao like some of the other users on here, but the super sharp inside lip is enough for me to stop ordering until you guys get the bottle thing figured out. I can’t drink it from the bottle anymore which defeats the whole point of convenience.


100% agree! It used to be thicker and that made it so much better. Cafe vanilla is still my favorite, but preferred the old formula.


I emailed Soylent about the new bottle… In addition to being a pain to open. Now you have two pieces of trash to deal with. The seal will have soylent on it so you can’t just stick it in the door pocket of you vehicle. My other gripe is that soylent collects on the cap the threads.Often I take the cap off after I’ve started drinking it, and it drips soylent all over the place. I really hope they go back to the old bottle.