Bad side effects of Beano? or: my weird 1.2 experience so far


I used 1.1 for a month and was overall very happy, no problems. Maybe the occasional very mild heartburn, which I vaguely attributed to drinking it too fast without enough water.

My 1.2 arrived and I knew it didn’t have the enzymes, so I ran out and got some Beano. The same shelf in the drug store had probiotics, which I’ve lightly researched and have heard might be a good idea when consuming soylent daily. But to be honest I don’t think I’ve done enough research on it to really rationalize daily use, I just wanted to try it out out. So I picked up a bottle of Insync.

I took a single dose (1 pill) of the Insync, a dose (2 pills) of Beano, and 32oz / 1000 calories of Soylent (which was typical use, that day I had only had breakfast, was pretty sedentary, and it was evening).


All was quiet on the GI front… for a while. After some time, I can’t remember how long, I started to feel queasy. And it got worse and worse. To make a long story short, I spent the whole night feeling queasy, having diarrhea, and being on the verge of vomiting, although I never did. At one point I attempted to induce vomiting. I failed, but interestingly the contraction of all the muscles involved seemed to kickstart some process. I immediately started to feel better.

The whole experience was essentially identical to the experience of getting food poisoning. So what I concluded was that the probiotic introduced too much variety of and/or too many bacteria at once.

Then I left for Thanksgiving break and didn’t have any soylent for a week. I returned, fully recovered, and mixed up some soylent, fully confident that the probiotic was the problem. I had 16oz of soylent and 2 beano pills…

…and the same thing happened. This time I tried to have some pepto bismol. When it was on the way down it didn’t seem relieving, as it usually does in other situations. It seemed like my body didn’t want it. Sure enough, about 20 minutes after taking it, I vomited. I felt significantly better after vomiting (although it seemed like pretty much only the pepto bismol and some water came up).

So here are the explanations I can think of:

  1. i am allergic to beano or otherwise have adverse reaction to it
  2. i am allergic to soylent 1.2 (algae?)
  3. i got a bad batch of soylent and simply had food poisoning
  4. my body has changed since i last had soylent and has become allergic to soylent in general

1 seems mostly likely. Tomorrow I’m going to drink 4oz or so of Soylent by itself and see how it goes.

Anyone else have similar experiences? Anyone have problems with Beano? Anyone have other theories?


The enzymes in 1.1 and the recommend Beano for 1.2 is only for people who have what have been dubbed “death farts”. Basically excessive bouts of extremely smelly gas. Not everyone had/has this problem. It’s worth trying the Soylent without the enzymes to see if you have the problem or not.

As far as your vomiting goes it reminds me strongly of the below post.


Thanks so much for linking to that thread, glad to see I’m not the only one.


I was going to refer you to that thread as well, he beat me to it.

As far as the Beano/InSync, I’ve haven’t had any issues with the combination. I got the InSync about a week ago, because I’ve seen multiple posts indicating it could help with the gas. Even on 1.1 and Beano, I’ve had the mustard gas farts, and for some reason I haven’t adjusted the way a lot of other people have (I’ve been drinking Soylent for a couple months, gas hasn’t subsided). The probiotic does seem to help, I’ve been debating a post about it but I wanted to give it awhile to make sure before I told everyone how great it is :smile:

All that said, everyone is different, so YMMV.


(Evil laugh)

The “adjustment period” is for the sudden increase in fiber and potassium not the mustered gas. Whatever is causing it doesn’t affect everyone and doesn’t seem to go away with time. I’ve suspended gut bacteria but, like you, without proof one way or the other I haven’t wanted to say anything.


Let me rephrase a bit - the adjustment I meant is the gas related to the extra fiber. I haven’t made this adjustment, I still get gas with every Soylent meal.

The smell of said gas is another issue, I just wasn’t very clear :slight_smile:


Here are the lots that I had a bad experience with. One bad/oil combo of each caused problems for me. I don’t know which was combined with which but I know all were consumed at some point in a pitcher that caused problems:




@soylent I sent you support emails on December 3, 4, and 11, and have received no response. Meanwhile, my CC was just charged for a new month.


@jjb Apologies for the delay. We’ve located your emails and will have a member of our support team contact you within 24 hours – we’ll be able to address the issues you had with Soylent and your credit card being charged for an additional month.


@soylent Thanks. (note to other readers: they gave me a full refund).

The very very long wait for a response was REALLY disheartening. I know you are swamped, but just an initial response of “we are investigating and will take action in 1-2 weeks” would have been helpful. I was really concerned that my emails weren’t even getting through, and meanwhile hundreds of dollars were at stake.

This is the sort of feedback that I would usually send in email…